Do you remember this amazing show with our favorite art-world hopefuls?I am seriously having withdrawals and am stilll sooooo angry with Bravo over this one. (They did not renew the show for a second season and I want to cry. Still)

The series follows several weeks in the lives of seven ambitious young women in New York City who struggle with the intense environment of the art world while attempting to find their "dream jobs". The group shares a passion for art, but they're divided between their Manhattan & Brooklyn lifestyles, with different views and tastes toward art, men, and fashion. Throughout the series, the ladies tackle financial setbacks, family issues, and the pressures of jump-starting their lives.

As I turned the pages of an old magazine I found a photo of the fab 7 and was curious as to what they are up-to nowadays. 

Angela Pham
She may have struggled to keep secrets during Gallery Girls' run, but she never failed to self-promote and party. She's since apologized to her parents for posing topless and letting loose as the cameras rolled and has quit her waitressing job while trying to focus on her photography full-time. She's still shooting New York City nightlife—she admitted to Refinery29 that her life often feels like one big party, "But if anyone’s too envious, take solace in the fact that I'm often Photoshopping the shine from partygoer's T-zones until 4 a.m. That part is not fun," she said—and three of her photo features have appeared on Harpers Bazaar's website in the last year, including luscious snapshots from her trips to Cartagena, Colombia, and a sailing trip along Italy's Amalfi Coast. Despite her burgeoning career, Angela told Bravo her dreams of becoming an "it" girl have been dashed: "I can never be an it-girl because I don't know how to deejay," she explained, "one of the biggest prerequisites in New York."

Liz Margulies

She was the privileged, once-troubled daughter of Marty Margulies, a world-renowned art collector—or, as she put it to Ocean Drive magazine, "I was the rich bitch," adding, "At least it's better than being the drunk fool." These days, she's living a slightly quieter life: According to Liz's Instagram, she appears to now be attending Sotheby's Institute of Fine Art in New York City, is taking lots of sexy selfies, and is dating technology equity analyst Jared Kubin, whom she recently described as the "best part of my life."

 Amy Poliakoff

She memorably got tipsy in the debut episode of Gallery Girls, feuded with fellow South Floridian Liz, and lived in an apartment her dad paid for. Since the show aired, she's left her gig as a publicist and assistant at the Bernaducci Meisel Gallery in New York City and moved home to Coral Gables, Fla., where she's now a realtor associate for Douglas Elliman. According to her bio there, she's also involved with the Junior League of Miami and the Young Arts Committee.


Chantal Chadwick
During Gallery Girls' brief run, Chantal—who unsurprisingly told Galore magazine she thinks of her time on the show as "hilarious"—developed a reputation as a villain for her perceived lack of commitment to End of Century, the boutique and gallery space she ran with college pal Lara Hodulick and Bravo costar Claudia Martinez Reardon. Their venture closed down in 2013, but Chantal and Lara opened another one called "Of Us" that year in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood—which has also since shuttered its doors. Chantal has since left New York City for greener pastures: She moved to Los Angeles in the spring of 2014 where she's been working as the head of media and communications and director of content for design firm Poketo's blog.


Claudia Martinez Reardon
She brought the drama when she memorably accused her End of Century partner Chantal of being a "pathological liar" during Gallery Girls' run. Less than a year after the show ended, they'd closed down their business. Claudia's kept a low profile since the show, but it seems she's still in Brooklyn, although may be in the middle of a move—or, at the very least, a refurbishment: At the time this was published, she was selling a Mitchell Gold couch and loveseat as well as a marble-topped oak table (for $100 OBO) via Apartment Therapy's classified listings.

Kerri Lisa
After juggling her full-time job at lifestyle management firm Four Hundred along with an internship with art advisor Sharon Coplan Hurowitz during her time on the show, Kerri Lisa went back to her paid job—and got herself promoted to Director of Travel and Art there. "I am now able to learn even more about the design process and art elements that are changing the hospitality business. I also facilitate all of the art requests that come into the company like finding/locating a certain work, planning art functions and events such as Art Basel," Kerri told in 2013. These days, she's also moonlighting as a musician and deejay, often posting mixes on her website "I live for music and I love to travel," writes Kerri, who's dating artist Jose Luiz Falk.

Maggie Schaffer
Sweet, hard-working Maggie finally left the Eli Klein gallery, where she'd interned for years and admitted to months after filming ended that while she and her former boss Eli "are not in bad terms … we currently don't speak." Maggie then took some time out to reassess her feelings about remaining in the art world. "I don't know if this shady, every-man-for-themselves environment is too much for me," she told "I'll be the first to say I don't know if I'm cut out for it and it breaks my heart to think that." She did, however, at least briefly give it another go and in 2013 worked as the assistant director of sales for Hamburg Kennedy Photographs, a private art advisory service—but left in the summer of 2014.

(Sources: Bravo TV. Harpers Bazaar)

I have been so intrigued with the art world since 1998 when Alfonso Cuaron created the  modern-day adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic novel Great Expectations. This modern day classic story finds the hapless Finn as a painter in New York pursuing his unrequited and haughty childhood love. ( This was also the day I wanted to have Ethan Hawke's children and name my first very unborn child Finnegan Bell)  This also happens to be my very favorite movie and soundtrack of all time !! I remember watching and thinking wow..maybe I will go to art school and even if I do nothing with painting I will run a huge SOHO gallery and life will be magical.  Is it too late at 36? Maybe I can do this in Spain ...

I have a huge crush on Corey Wickersham , a real life gallery girl in Tulsa Oklahoma where I live ! I was honored when she accepted my invite to interview her . I love watching her in action but also know there is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes. Someone had to unload those crates of art and hang it perfectly !


 Tell me about your background and career

-I went to University of Oklahoma and studied Art History...from there I volunteered at Museums as a docent and I also had an Internship at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. When I moved back to Tulsa I worked at The Jewish Museum…mazel tovJ. After working at the Museum, I started my gallery career.

 When and why did you decide to work for a Gallery vs Museum?

-I’ve always wanted to work at a gallery but as you know there are not many gallery jobs in Oklahoma so, when I came across this opportunity, I sent in my resume right away! I’m drawn to modern/contemporary art, so the gallery’s aesthetic is definitely the perfect fit for me.

 Describe your personal style

 -I would describe my style as minimal and classic…clothes that surpass the trends. My color palette consists of neutrals…white, black, grey, etc… Basically, my go to outfit is a white V-neck shirt, black blazer, jeans, and heels.

 Favorite artist and why

-Oh gosh, this is always a hard question…I can’t pin down just one favorite artist…there are so many artists I admire and appreciate.

What contemporary artists are you currently into and why?

-Christopher Wool…love his text based work and graphic feel of his work. Anne Appleby…her color fields are amazing. And of course all the artists the gallery represents.

  How does the gallery interact with its artists?

-I know for me, I get invested in each artist.  I build a relationship with them and want to help them succeed. Being a part of their success makes it all worth working at the gallery.

A typical day/ week for Corey in the gallery?

-In a nutshell…moving artwork, packing/shipping pieces and receiving/unpacking pieces, installing artwork, client relations, preparing for the upcoming art opening.

 What was the most interesting day ever in the gallery?

-Most interesting days are from installations and thinking moving a 72” x 72” painting in heels is a great idea…just let your imagination run with that scenario! I’m slowly learning to put comfort over vanity.

What advice can you offer to future gallerinas wanting to get into the art gallery world?

-Networking, networking, networking! Get out there and be present…volunteer in art related organizations and let people know that you want a career in the arts. Also, think creatively when you look for careers in the art field.

 Your typical fave Sunday consists of...

-Getting up early for a run, watching CBS Sunday Morning, walking my cat and then making my way to brunch (my only “basic” activity)

 Currently wearing what lip color?

-Today it’s a pink lip-gloss called “Hot Toddy”…it’s very fitting if you know me;)

 Currently listening to in your car?

 -Rap, Taylor Swift, along with some randoms thrown in the mix

 If you owned your own art gallery one day what would you name it and where would it be?

-Hmmm, never thought about that…a name is so final…knowing me, it wouldn’t have a name because I wouldn’t be able to decide.  I’ve always wanted to visit the south of France, so that sounds like a great place to have a gallery.

I could not agree more Corey! I would definitely come play in France !! But only if I can work as a gallerina for an opening so I can fulfill my life long dream ! (WINK)