Monday Blues....

What a freakin' day and its only half way over too. Seriously. Ever feel like some days you just cannot win. No matter what?


I wake up with an allergy headache nonetheless and go to spin class. Someone has reserved the bike next to mine. I normally do not have this issue in a very packed class because obviously there is nothing else to do and it's great to feed off the energy of the pack but in a class of 5..Like no..... spread the f out. So I pick a new bike and this is not an easy thing for me. I am a creature of habit and I like the corner bike..#20 for future reference. UGH! Already not feeling it. My head hurts. I have not exercised at this intensity for ten days. I am dehydrated from all the Texas margaritas. You guys!!! Ten minutes in and my heart burn flares up like crazy. I have been dealing with this ridiculous issue now for months as well as other issues such as uncontrollable weight gain due to a thyroid problem, early menopause, and anxiety around the clock. Yay me! I actually go to the homeopathic doctor tomorrow to start treatment for all of this thank goodness. But my heartburn is so intense that I just almost  clip out and leave the class. Being a woman is tough tough work. I just know I am ready to not only look better but most importantly feel better. Hormones are a real real thing and I just wish I had done something about all this sooner. I think as women we just think we are getting older. This is what happens in our mid to late thirties. I am here to tell you it isn't !! No way. You do not have to feel like a lunatic any longer or feel like that lion is behind you every second of every hour of every day and I really look forward to sharing my journey with you tomorrow !  I debated even writing about it but If I can help just one other person with all of us in sharing my story then hey...thank god for my blog. The last two years have been rough . Chronic stress has taken the worst toll on my body. 

Having a post spin brunch with a friend and the desired place is closed on Mondays so that was a waste of drive. End up going to another place close by and their one healthy option on the menu is granola. How very creative and surprising of you restaurant. My hugest pet peeve is ordering something from a restaurant that I can do 20 times better and cheaper at home . My 14.00 dollar breakfast (yes 14.00 and I had water)  is disgusting and the waitresses are talking about my friend and I the whole time and staring and laughing. Maybe because we are in work out attire with the craziest top knots or maybe they are just bitches..the verdict is still out. Maybe i will mention said restaurant..the verdict is still out on that one too.

Then I get caught behind the train which is having some kind of engine failure or major problem. I actually want to punch the train. And I know that would solve nothing except a broken hand but in that moment of time it just sounds good to get out and punch and kick that stupid train. Yes I am calling a train stupid. Check my insta  on that one.  i can already see it now on the news tonight...crazy Tulsa lady loses it and breaks hand and foot in a fight with a train. WITH A STUPID TRAIN! 

So needing to mail three orders for Shop Sam's Closet  and not remembering that it's tax day and every single Tulsan would wait until today to mail their extensions in ...well we can already predict how this part of the story ends. The first post office was out of the priority mail pouches I use for my business. Drive to the 2nd post office nowhere near me by the way, and that line is like 50 people long with one post office worker handling it. Nope. I leave. That can be just fine waiting until tomorrow because I cannot. My time is money and waiting one hour in a post office line is just not good for my bottom line.  Ohhhh yeah but before I go I borrow a pen to fill something out real fast and that pen dies and explodes ink all over my hands, clothes, name it..... so there's that.

My heart burn is still going crazy during all of this. I finally manage to run by the pharmacy, Their credit card processing thing is out of order so it's cash only. Like seriously. What era am I living in?? I go to the atm, come back to The pharmacy, get the antacid medicine and literally swallow like 4 of them. I think I am only to have two but seriously at this point...I do not give an F. 

A homeless person called me a fat B when I told him I truly only had my credit card and could not give him money. I also stubbed my toe on my bed while drying my hair. And I accidentally threw my cashmere cardigan in the dryer so now it can literally be a gift for some child's cabbage patch doll. I tried to get a manicure but every single parking space was full because I swear everyone who wasn't at the post office  had lunch at Chimi's. So failed on that one. Will bump that to tomorrow's to-do list.  Soooo thank god for fabulous friends who keep me sane! My bestie Jen who is not having a great day either suggested cake and going back to bed. My bestie Lara came through with the funniest story to make me laugh that I can't repeat ! Love these two to the moon !

And truly thank god for the sweet voice of Ryan Adams, today's rain, and that road block with the train. That was my break today. That was the universe saying breath in and out and take this time for you because you are going to need it !

Ohhh PS....It's alway's a good day when your issue of  Bad Dayarrives so maybe today's luck is turning ! My sweet fox just gave me a big smooch on the forehead and told me he folded the laundry so YAY !!!!! 

Hugs and Cake and Ryan !