I have been out of my studio fix for days now..last night I had to scrape the bottle with a Q-tip in hopes of retrieving a few drops. No such luck. I knew that I could not put it off a moment longer. Thank goodness Saks is open on Sundays. 

 I run in and grab my foundation and am like begging the associate to sell me a lipstick. I can certainly say that I get a jolt of confidence each time I slick on a bright lippy. Sure, it might seem vain, but sometimes a little vanity can help us find self-worth. And that’s completely OK.

I tend to stick to my favorite shades and they are classics so lucky me..they never go away or at least they better not.

My perfect three...all from Mac

Lady Danger, Heroine, and Candy Yum Yum. I love anything bold and different and especially since I tend to stick to wearing black and neutrals in my wardrobe a pop of color in a lip is where I can really have some fun !!!

And then of course I love a classic red which I adore YSL's Rouge Pur if they ever get rid of it I am going to throw a major fit. And my new obsession from Kevin Aucoin is his matte medium bright pink called Tenacious. I love a good pastel!

The associate shared my love for all of this and showed me my two new lippies...Sushi Kiss and Be Silly. Sushi Kiss is a really pretty peach for summer and Be Silly is similar to Candy Yum Yum but has a bolder pop! Mix Be Silly with Sushi Kiss and you have Sam's new addiction! I will be wearing these two all summer long!!!!!!

And of course I showed Lin and he was not impressed. "Samantha you already have those colors. It’s just a waste of money" Blah. Blah. Lin, let me show you! Good old hand exercise ladies.... these are ALL clearly different and at the end he agreed. "Whatever makes you feel good, I guess" GASP. Pardon me??!

Wrong answer fox. Not I guess!!

 Point is I went in for foundation and then purchased two lipsticks and instantly felt like I could conquer the world. BEST 75.00 of the whole year thus far!

I put on my new lippy and discovered an old cd I had found while cleaning out my car. Yes I still purchase and listen to cd’s. That is a whole entire different story!! Do not judge me. I also still check out library books because I love the way they smell. We all have our things!!!

So anyway my new BE SILLY lippy and I took a long drive to this...wind in my hair. Didn’t even care ....missed my exit like three times...did't even care either. The Kings of Leon were so great way back when!!!

Do something good for yourself today and go get a new lipstick ! You deserve it !

Cheers and Sushi Kisses!

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