Life. The Ups & the Downs. The Yin-Yang. All the lemons. I get it. Enough already. It's been a really rough few weeks lately. A lot is happening in my world. With Shop Sam's Closet  getting ready to be on pause (my life the past two years btw) the big move to Spain, and some health issues in the middle of this...well it's been super stressful. Balancing out my medication has been the biggest challenge, especially the last three days. Bringing my serotonin levels up quite rapidly and it's incredibly tough. You feel like an entire different person ..like the old you (what you thought was you ) slipping away slowly and then all the feels of the new improved you trying to get balance so you meet somewhere in the middle but there is a rough patch in this process and I am right in the center of that patch. So grateful for friends who understand this process and take my calls when I need some talking off that ledge so-to -speak. I felt out of my mind yesterday like thought maybe I was having a nervous break down or a mid life crisis .  Health is so critical. I eat clean, I exercise, I use organic products around the house...I really strive to be my best self in that department . However, chronic stress has just killed my body. Currently I feel lost if I must be honest, however I believe we are all lost if we are truly honest with ourselves. The quote, "All who wander are not lost" seems to be my mantra these days. I like it. I'll take it! 

I have also been heavily talking about the importance of collaborating with other fabulous people lately via instagram and am really focusing on my local collaborations here in my home-town. So guess what?!? I did just that! Eekkkk. Guess what again?? It's working. Fabulous rubs off as fabulous, in case you were wondering. It just does. Life definitely attracts like in this crazy fast world. So as I'm meandering in the depths of my life, feeling somewhat sorry for myself, I go to brunch with #CupOfJoeWithJen,  (I really call her that too ) We try to get together once a month and be mentors for one another as she is an entrepreneur as well and has had her blog now for ten years . She has such an awesome story . Such a big heart ! And of course I love dressing her ...(she was first a client of mine, then a friend and now she's my sister)  Read her bio here ! 

She gets me, and I her. She's a loyal customer and confidant. All of a sudden the stresses of life and all its current changes seemed to melt away or at least diminish in size while we connected. Actually, while we collaborated. Jen was mentioning how the tiniest of sparks can ignite the biggest flame. I couldn't agree more!   I am beyond thrilled to collaborate with the #BeAmazingMovement and #BAM! Be Amazing Movement is a movement of women. Real Life. Real Girls. Wanting More. #Roar. Where do I sign up? I'm definitely drinking this lemonade!!  BAM's current platform is Loving Yourself. Loving all parts of your self. The good, bad, & ugly self. Along with the awesome, beautiful, fabulous self. 

Jen gifs me with an amazing BAM Box... Each BAM Box contains 7 treasures (valued at over 250.00) to remind you just how freaking amazing you are! The first BAM Box theme is all about Self Love! It's basically the Be Amazing Movement wrapped up in a pretty little package, delivered to you with LOVE.

Once opened, smiles & giggles explode.
Sisterhood unites.
Bonding begins.

Oh, and wanna know the best part? $11 from each BAM Box goes towards our BAM Intentions Foundation where they  give back to charities that are close to their BAM Babe's hearts. 

It was exactly what I needed. All week Lin has telling me to be patient with myself, to be nice to myself, and then I meet with Jen and our conversation and then in my Bam Box. I receive a fabulous T with the words " I love me so much" and a ring with the words " Love, Live, Be, Roar" And let's not forget the tiara ! There is actually two tiara's ...one for me and one to gift to a friend who needs a little sparkle in her life.  

I love entrepreneurs ! I love people who want to make a difference in other's lives ! And i love having a tribe that attracts my vibe ! Order your BAM box here.  And tune into their podcasts too ! 

So seriously loves: Love all of yourself...even the bad. Be okay with asking for help and pick up that phone and accept that brunch invite. You never know who really needs you in that moment of time . You never know when that tiniest spark will ignite a flame. And just be kind. Amazing things happen when women support each other.. 

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