You Are What You Eat

I am almost fully feeling 100% better with my supplements. For those of you who have been following my health journey, it was an incredibly rough few months! I start my thyroid medication Monday and am looking forward to that greatly. I feel like I can now at least have a fair shot of not adding any more weight to that scale. I am now on day 20 of The South Beach Diet and have loved it! If you are having problems losing weight with a fantastic work out regime and clean eating plan, I urge you to see a doctor. I wish I would have two years ago. There are things that happen in your body sometimes that will not allow you to lose the weight no matter what you do and this has been my problem all along and it's been incredibly frustrating. So I am thrilled to now be on my way to being my best self! (Even started my spin membership again and plan on doing at least 5 days a week).

Decided to change the way I eat has been incredible for me. I don’t think I’m necessarily a bad eater. I love to cook and only prepare organic meals. Cooking at home is critical. Lin and I loved to eat out. We still do but really feel like this was hindering our health and our pocket books. We do support the farm to table restaurants here in Tulsa but even then wonder is it really organic, did they cook this in butter, and let's not even talk about the portions these restaurants serve. It's enough to feed a table of four. In the past I would read labels but tend to skip over the ingredient portion and focus on the numbers instead (How much sodium? What’s the trans fat?). And I am a sucker for anything with pretty packaging, which is not such a good thing in the super market. So now as we are really eat very little to no carbs and absolutely no sugar, I have become that label reading freak and if there is just one thing I am not happy about on that label, It doesn't go into my cart. And certainly will not be going into my mouth. I am addicted to sugar. Like seriously need an intervention course. My friend Kim tells me that I just have to treat that stuff like cigarettes or heroin or something that is really really bad for you and gross. So I had a mind shift. Perfect example, last night we dined at a Mediterranean restaurant with friends and I literally was like I need the dressing on the side. I want a lunch portion salad. And then everyone got baklava for desert. I looked up the calorie count on that and the sugar content and was like...nooooo way, not me. I am not eating that! I was so proud of myself for staying committed and doing the work! Even at breakfast with my friend Amanda  the other day, we were cracking up over this menu option at the restaurant we went to in Utica Square. Your side choices are potatoes or grits AND then you either pick toast or a biscuit. And you cannot sub a side of fruit or a petite salad. So we just paid for the stupid carb filled sides and told them to give them away. Seriously ridiculous Oklahoma. Not everyone wants to eat like that! I also went to a movie yesterday and snuck in Pure Food's snow smoothie! I tend to eat worse on the go, just grabbing something processed and easy. No more of that. All i can say is it's a good thing STG pizzeria is not located too close to my condo or I would be in the biggest trouble! STG is great ingredients and great pizza and we will meet again one day soon but for a slice of pizza! I just cannot be the girl that eats the whole pizza anymore and the salad and then drinks the bottle of wine and then grabs the gelato for desert. Yep, guilty as charged. That’s a dead end deal!

The first thing I noticed after I started eating The South Beach way was that I am sleeping better. I am not tossing and turning; I just sleep through the night (my Sleep Cycle app will prove it). And this is major for me. I have always been insomniac. The next thing? I have more energy. I don't hit a wall at 4pm and go out in search of something sweet to perk me back up. I feel totally energized. My body just feels better. I am not feeling sluggish and I don't feel bloated. I don't eat something and feel overly stuffed afterwards, and I am not falling victim to any food comas. My skin has improved drastically; it feels balanced, and looks brighter (going without alcohol is a big part of that, because I can feel the effects on my skin after just one drink). The alcohol also affects my sleep terribly the older I get. 

It’s crazy how much what you eat impacts how you feel, and to be honest, I didn’t realize the full scope of “you are what you eat” until I did this. I kept thinking, “Wow, this is how I should feel everyday and it’s 100% connected to how I’m eating.”


Now If I could only give up coffee and embrace more tea! A world without coffee seems so sad to me ! Also breakfast is entirely boring on South Beach. Eggs, eggs, and more eggs...I am so tired of eggs. If anyone has some great low carb breakfast recipes, send them my way please. Also send me your giving up coffee secrets?!!! 

Time to work on my recipe plan for the week and hit the market!

Happy Saturday!

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