Summer Crushes

Summer Of Love

Summer Of Love

Ohhhhhh em gee. Summer is here and I am melting. Everyone is telling me this could mean that Oklahoma is in for a super cold snowy winter this year. I am not really sure how the rhyme and reason works on all that but I am hopeful. I would love love love a cold winter before my Spain departure. 

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I have been really busy with a home purge currently and helping Lin with a  condo remodel but have discovered some new favorite things that I wanted to share with you ASAP. 

1. The Seaweed Bath Co. whole seaweed bath detox. This seriously elevated an hour of my life to a whole new level. I am anxious to try their bath salts and the body wash. ( A friend of mine mixes the salts with a lotion to make a scrub and I am totally copying) And don't even get me started on the detox cellulite soap. Does it come in a gallon?

Totally celebrated The Olsen twinsies birthday this week !

Totally celebrated The Olsen twinsies birthday this week !

2.  DRY Sparkling Beverages. These are seriously sooooo tasty and refreshing. The cucumber flavor stole my heart  an in instant. I am dying to try the blood orange though and the seasonal watermelon. They are only 35 calories give or take and can stand alone or be the perfect compliment to a mixed drink poolside too !

3. MAST Sheep Milk's Chocolate. This was the most decadent delicious chocolate I have ever tasted. And the packaging!  I literally am dying to try the olive oil and the toasted milk. I will definitely be ordering these for friends for Christmas. 

4. DIY choker. My bestie Lara is a genius and knows how to shop on a budget like no other. She had on a choker the other day that I thought she found in Dallas and nope..she revealed her secret to me and gifted me my own . I will be wearing this all summer long ! Talk about the best 2.47 purchase!

Happy weekend and Happy Orange is The New Black Season 4 binge. My sweetie is awaiting me on the sofa right now! We are hoping to get to see Piper's character evolve in this season so fingers crossed!

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