On To The Next Adventure....

Vintage sequin jacket from SoBo Co. 

Vintage sequin jacket from SoBo Co. 

OMG! So today feels so surreal and I am officially a full time blogger, stylist, and housewife extraordinaire.  A little over two years ago I developed a very successful vintage and designer clothing consignment e-commerce and yesterday was my very last day in business. It was indeed the strangest feeling deactivating my website and fully embracing everything. Lara and I are working the next few days wrapping up all contracts and closing the business down. I would be lying to you if I said there were not hard moments and that my heart was not heavy. I think I have cried more in the last few days then I have my whole life but I have also smiled and laughed equally as much and my shoulders are slowly coming down away from my ears.  It's been my baby for so long. Waking up thinking about Shop Sam's Closet, going to sleep thinking about Shop Sam's Closet, planning life around Shop Sam's Closet really. What a wild wild ride. Thank you TUL and all the areas I have shipped to in The United States and Internationally. Big hugs to my consigners, my clients, my friends, my models, my incredible photographer, my suppliers, and my bestie and employee who has been with me from day one...Lara. Someone told me that my business was bold, inventive, and legendary and I will love remembering it forever for that! Certainly feels like the end of an era but it really is just the beginning! I said it before and I will say it again. I am just getting started. This was just my launching pad for my next endeavor! 

But first many of you have asked what my plans are?! As much as I wanted to launch my new business at the end of this month, I have decided to take the next 6 months to myself doing some styling work and doing lots and lots of writing. I also have some ideas for a children's book I am interested in getting out there so we will see how that goes. It will be actually be based around The Sophian Chronicles and yes, there is a big bad witch or two. You guys,my condo building has literally been the craziest experience and I am compelled to share it ! And I plan on spending a lot of time focusing on my health and spending lots of time with my silver fox. He retired a year ago and left to Spain and came back and I literally have not stopped so we are eager to do some traveling! We have Santa Fe in September, Boston in October, and Texas in November with a Marfa trip, and I am hoping to get Portland and Seattle on the books for Bacon's birthday in July. And I really just want to focus spending time with my friends and family before the big move across the pond in January! There is quite a lot to do around the house! (OMG..shop my home goods here ) Sooo many special gems are up for grabs. Hurry before I have a panic attack and just keep everything! 


I will be working on my next project too curating treasures from all over the world but am not ready to release those details just yet! I know that everyone will be very excited though so stay tuned. Ohhhh the suspense! This will launch fully in February of 2017, all though sneak peaks prior! 

Sooo.... many of you have asked where on earth you should consign and shop upscale resale?!! If you are local to Tulsa, I suggest seeing my friends Lauren and Charlie Spears at Sobo Co. in the 18th and Boston area. I actually just consigned a ton of my personal treasures with them and was incredibly happy with the pricing and service!! They have a storefront and they also do e commerce so you can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I personally cannot stop with their silk scarf collection and have my eyes on several other pieces!! The shop is beautifully curated and there is something for everyone! Do consign and shop or both and tell them I sent you. I am thrilled for their new venture and so happy to see this concept staying alive here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

And from the bottom of my heart...thank you again for riding waves with me! 

Light and love! OMG ! THX ! TTYL! 

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