Peace begins with a smile. -Mother Teresa

Peace begins with a smile. -Mother Teresa

I have been thinking about teeth whitening for quite some time now. 

I love red wine, tea, and drink so much coffee and back from my days and nights of when I was a smoker...well darlings, it starts to show and it's making me paranoid. My dentist had suggested I try incorporating some whitening strips into my self care routine at home. I gave those a shot but they hurt my teeth so much. It was pretty uncomfortable for me. I also hated the taste of the bleach. Lin swears by oil pulling with coconut oil that is all the craze right now. Every secret remedy involves coconut oil. I mean literally I just need to smear that stuff all over my entire life currently. I found it to be too thick and I could really only swish that stuff around in my mouth for a few seconds. I also never measure it correctly so I think I overuse the product. I hate traveling with that stuff too. It's not practical and I often find that my hotel room doesn't have a spoon handy so I often just skip oil pulling all together. We also love traveling on a BMW motorcycle and cannot pack a lot so forget any kind of oil pulling on the road. 

I recently stumbled on a fantastic company out of London called OSHUN White. They understand the importance of oil pulling and they have beautifully blended four fabulous flavours with the finest virgin coconut oil. With flavours like Spearmint, Peppermint, Wild Cherry, and Crushed Lime… could I resist?! They also are genius's providing the perfect amount of coconut oil in convenient cute sachets. They even label the box Monday-Sunday for you making it super simple and organized. The thing I love most is I am a girl on the go. So I can easily travel with my sachets and now there are no excuses to not incorporate this easy routine into my daily beauty must do. I just received my shipment before I went to Houston and it was soooooo easy! One morning I even oil pulled in a coffee shop!! (yep, no shame)

I love the flavour of the Wild Cherry and I love the consistency of the product. On day 4, I could actually oil pull for the whole 15 minutes with no trouble. I found that if I took my bath or just got my mind off of the pulling it made the process even that more easy for me. My teeth seem noticeably whiter after 14 days but not like Hey..look at me white and that's perfect for me. I want them to look clean, white, and natural. The best part of this product is that I have had zero pain with it and my teeth are sooooo sensitive! That was the best part for me personally. 

The price is incredible, they offer free shipping, shipping is fast and they even give you a complimentary copper tongue cleaner when you subscribe! This is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition and studies have shown that copper is the most effective material due to it's natural antibacterial properties. So...alongside brushing, flossing, and oil pulling, tongue scraping completes your oral routine!

I am loving my smile and am ready to order my next supply and that crushed lime is calling my name for summer! Order yours now using my special link here

Xo and Pearly Whites,