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Photo Cred: Hans Kleinschmidt

Photo Cred: Hans Kleinschmidt

Lara Alayne Allen was born in the beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado and will always call it home. She was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she went to high school and graduated from Oral Roberts University where she studied Advertising with a minor in nonprofit business. Her heart is for girls victimized by sex trafficking, so she wants to incorporate the use of media in raising awareness all over the world. Some of her hobbies include photography, traveling, shopping, and cheering for her OKC Thunder! And you can often find her tucked into a local cafe with coffee in hand snap- chatting something hilarious or catching up on all the celebrity gossip, especially with The Kardashians. (She loves coffee as much as I do, maybe even more!) This babe is one of the most stylish people I know and she fully understands how to dress her body. She's amazingly confident rocking curves and pulls together the most amazing outfits on a budget looking like a million dollars. I love learning her little tips and tricks and am thrilled for you to learn some new things too! At only 22 years old, she is wise beyond her years. And I am so honored to call her my best friend! She keeps me current with technology and music too. I am personally on Snap-Chat thanks to this one!


-How would you describe your personal style?

The first word that comes to mind is edgy-but not in a dark, gothic way. I like to push the boundaries of the everyday fashion around me. Living in Oklahoma can make anyone's style stale-so I refuse to dress for my surroundings. I love layering, even in 100+degree weather. I love funky shoes and being fashion forward.

-Where did you get your passion for fashion?

I have an older sister that always used me as a personal barbie doll when I was growing up. I always asked her for help getting ready for events, in part because she always had an opinion and I wanted her approval (ha!) I never actually played with barbies as a little girl. I just dressed them. From the time I was eight, I wanted to be a fashion designer and I would come home from school and watch Project Runway and What Not To Wear reruns. My absolute favorite thing to do is be a designer know-it-all when I am watching The Red Carpet with my friends. "Oh that dress is gorgeous! It looks like Ralph & Russo!" 'checks instagram' "Yeah it is!"



-Where do you find sartorial inspiration??

Instagram and Pinterest. I see all these runway shows and these editorial shoots from super models I follow on social media. Then I see the celeb street style which I adore. Obviously walking the streets of Manhattan is a little different then walking midtown Tulsa so I always take the high street look and try to find a stripped down version that I can pull out of my own closet.

-What is the difference between fashion and style?

For me-fashion is the latest trend, which changes with the season. However style is your twist on it. I wear a leather jacket with literally everything. All of my friends know that 99% of the time I will show up wearing black and I will show up wearing a leather jacket. That's just me! Do I love the tea length lace sun dresses right now? Absolutely! Will I buy one? Probably not. 

-Any advice for the woman that is starting to find her personal style?

I think it's important to do what makes you feel comfortable. If something that's "trendy" right now does not make you feel good about yourself, don't get it! I have done that so many times where I think just because it's plastered all over Vogue that it needs to be in my closet. Then I pull it out and put it on and have to talk myself into wearing it! To pull off any look, you have to be confident, and nothing ruins a day more than worrying about what you look like.

-How do you achieve current trends while sticking to a budget?

Well I don't know about "sticking" to a budget but I always spring for the cost-efficient look alike instead of the real deal. I hunt. A lot. I am always on line shopping looking for things that replicate an outfit I saw GIGI Hadid wear or some fashion designer I am obsessed with. I feel like I actually never stop shopping because I always keep an eye out for a certain piece or things that look high-end.

-How do you breathe life into your closet?

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. For example, I go on there and search "leather mini skirt" and will begin pinning away with different looks and outfits that all focus around an item of clothing I own. So when I get tired of the same outfit, or just can't come up with something to wear (which is like everyday of my life) I can go to my designated Pinterest boards and look at the outfits I know I can recreate. I have a board for everything!

-What are your secrets for dressing curves?

You know how Cosmo or In Style always has those pages focused on certain body types like "petite" or "pear shape" or "plus size"-well I never fell into any of those categories. I am short but not thin. I have hips but also have a butt and Double D's. I am an average size 6-8 so I clearly do not fall into the plus size category. I would always read those articles and be like "what the hell-why can't you help me!?" So I picked apart those guides to recreate one for my body type. I mean no one looks exactly the same. So pick and choose those "tricks" that apply to your lifestyle.

-Style advice for other women with curves? What if they feel uncomfortable flaunting them? What pieces should they stick to?

Do NOT hide under big and baggy pieces. Everyone has at least one part of their body that they love. Find tops and bottoms that make you feel good about it! I have a small waist and found a knit shirt that makes me look even smaller. It's ruffled at the bottom so it hangs away from my hips and still makes me look like I have a figure. Maybe your stomach is your problem area but you love your calves. Show them off. Find dresses that accentuate your legs and hide your insecurities without making it look like you are wearing a sack. Rouching is my favorite thing to ever happen in fashion. Layers are also an amazing way to cover the part of your body you are not happy with.

-You are not afraid of color, all though you prefer black, and I love how you wear it. How can others embrace the color we are seeing on the runways if they live for a neutral palette?

My go-to trick for adding color is lipstick. I have no problem wearing a bright lip. Try a patterned bag or statement necklace or earrings that make people take a second look. Shoes are a big thing for me too. 

-What Fall trends are you coveting?

So far, the rose pink look like it's staying in trend and the huge floral patterns. Ellie Saab's runway show just debuted a whole lot of floral and appliques and I am in love! I am really hoping an updated look of the choker is right around the corner too!

-Your fave outfit to date on insta and why?

I paired this 80's style band t-shirt with a thick choker and a bomber jacket paired with jeans and heels. It's my fave collab of young and trendy while still being fashion forward. It's very Kendall Jenner.

-Your favorite thing in your closet right now?

I Have this highlighter yellow jumpsuit hanging in my closet and so far I have paired it with these funky floral wedges and a purple lip but I am just waiting until Fall when I can wear leather and studs with it!

-First date! What would you wear?

I will always go black skinny jeans and cute simple blouse. I think the last 2 dates I’ve had I wore the same thing - black skinnies, this red A-line blouse and cute (but detailed) sandals.

 -Job interview? What would you wear?

 Either Black wide leg trousers or a black high waisted tapered pants. Then I’d either opt for a tucked in basic tank top with an oversized blazer or a long sleeve blouse with cute (but mature) detailing and tuck it in as well. And of course a pair of pumps.

 -You are meeting Kylie Jenner  tomorrow..what would you wear and what would you girls do?

 What would I do?! I would cry. Oh you mean after that? I would probably wear a fitted dress that dropped below my knees or a fitted jumpsuit. Pair it with a bomber jacket or a leather jacket and laced up heels. Obviously I’d wear one of her lipsticks. I would say go have a family dinner with her sisters but I feel like thats asking a genie for more wishes. I would honestly just want to go get a smoothie or something and ride in her Ferrari and hang out in her house (specifically her closet) Maybe have the paparazzi photograph me with her so I instantly become famous HA!

 -200.00 shopping spree? How are you going to stretch this right now? 

 I would start with some sort of inspiration. An outfit I want to recreate or some event that I want to look cute for. even if it’s just a girl’s night out. If I want to make it stretch and get lots of pieces I will go straight for either Suite One (for local Tulsa babes) or Forever 21. (H&M if you have one!) Find one piece you absolutely love. Lets say I find a really fun blouse at Suite one for $60,my next stop will probably be Target for skinny jeans. Or Dillard's for a cute skirt. (Dillard's sales are a God send… and their juniors section is also such a good place to find pieces up to a women’s size 6-8)  They typically tend to be around $30-$40. I will go find shoes at Nordstrom Rack, Call it Spring or even Target (Target kills me every-time) and then top off the look with accessories from Forever 21 or Windsor!! Windsor is such a hidden gem. You either walk out looking like a slut or looking like a Kardashian…. which is basically the same thing . Ha!

-What's next for Lara? 

I’m planning a transition to Dallas but until then I’m launching my own media branding company. I will be running social media campaigns for small business and local cafe’s in the Tulsa area! I will also be launching a style blog very very soon!

And I will literally be reading it every second!! I am so ready to also start utilizing my Pinterest more with all these tips Lara provided. It's such a great resource. You can follow Lara's Pinterest here ...there is so much style inspiration ! So proud of my bestie!

What are your tips and tricks for dressing curves?!

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