Ever since I saw Gigi Hadid's chrome manicure at The Met Gala, I have been just lusting over it. But of course at 2,000 there would be no way possible that was going to happen anytime soon. My favorite nail salon in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma had been trying to order a chrome powder for quite some time now and sure enough when I was in Houston, Luxe called me and said they received it! It literally was one of the first things I did AS soon as I got into town. Forget unpacking, forget grocery shopping...just take me to the chrome! They are the only nail spa in Tulsa that has it too so of course I love that for them! And you, because it's the best place in town. 

Oh my goodness, I am crazy for this mani! C-R-A-Z-Y.'s the scoop. The chrome add on is 20.00 and so worth it! I chose to do a gel mani with black polish with the chrome powder over it which gives it the metal look. However you can pick so many options. A hot pink underneath the powder gives it a rose gold hue. A purple would give your nails a fabulous purple metallic hue. And so on and so on. It's applied and treated like a gel mani so you are still going to get your two to three weeks wear out of it! I cannot wait to do a chrome pedi next week and then in two weeks, I am coming for you rose gold!!!

Local TUL loves, get over to Luxe right away! Tell them I sent you. Non local loves...find a nail salon that offers this. I am head over heels right now!