Summer Camp

To err is human—to forgive, canine.

Mel and Hen left for Summer Camp today and my heart is breaking in one million tiny pieces. The tears came like a hard rain the whole way home. My friend Pat took his sweet furry girls to JD Woofter of Woofter's Top Dog in Colorado Springs, Colorado and I was so blown away by the things they learned. It was amazing to watch the progress in thirty days.We kept in touch with Pat after the girls got home to Tulsa and were still so amazed. I had reached out to JD a few times but just wasn't ready to pull the plug. I was talking to my friend Brooke a while back who has had a lot of experience living abroad with a dog. We share the same anxiety for flying and being away from our animals. She guided me in the right direction and I got a therapist and my sweet furry spotted boys are now going to be certified Anxiety Service Dogs and they will now be able to fly with us in the cabin as long as they curl up and sleep by our feet. Fantastic, right?! Well, those of you who know sweet Mel and Hen now probably have the worst anxiety just thinking about Lin and I in the airport and in the airplane. HA! (we also had an incident in Houston where Melvin ran away. That was the scariest.) I knew it was the right time to enroll my boys into JD's 4 week Board & Train program right away. My dogs have to be perfect on that flight and in the custom lines in Barcelona. Plus we are just dying to take them on journeys with us. I am so happy that we are making this investment in them. But I am going to miss those sweet good morning puppy kisses. They will be in Colorado for thirty days on 35 beautiful acres hiking and learning some good manners. JD will be posting daily videos on my fb page so you can check on their progress too! 

P.S. JD and I met in Hays, Kansas today which is the half way point but when we pick them up we are actually going to make the trek to Colorado Springs and make a mini vacay out of it. This will also allow us to spend two days with JD so we can learn the commands and everything we need to do to keep consistent with their training. If you have any fabulous places I need to eat, drink and do there, I would so love that!