You Had Me At Coffee

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of coffee.  I love pour-overs. I love lattes. I love cold-brew coffee, and nothing quite beats a morning espresso. Plus, coffee is naturally a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. And the smell of coffee is one of my favorite things ever.   

Coconut Themed Beauty Night.

Coconut Themed Beauty Night.

It made perfect sense to jump on the coffee body scrub bandwagon! I stumbled on the gram of Beverly to 5th and instantly loved their esthetic and brand. They love the word BABE and it's adorable! Beverly to 5th is a natural coffee based skincare brand based in America. They make skincare which is clean, effective, and responsible. And the products are made with coffee!! It is designed to get antioxidants into your skin and blood circulating to your skin. This may help with aging, cellulite, dry skin, stretch marks, and a bunch of other problem areas. They also use 100% Organic coffee in their scrubs as well so you can be sure that you will be getting the purest and most responsible quality of ingredients possible. The scrubs also have super moisturizer ingredients such as coconut oil and vitamin E oil. One scrub should last two to four weeks and you should see noticeable results in 30 days. I am on day 4 and I am loving it. My skin is glowing and so amazingly soft and supple. I am concentrating on my cellulite and stretch marks and look forward to sharing those results with you in a few weeks. The best part about it is I smell like coffee all day long. Lin will even kiss me and tell me that I smell delicious. (I have the coconut coffee scrub and the vanilla coffee scrub) They are launching new flavors soon. Hurry and grab yours here and get first dibs! 

Time for my morning coffee! Happy Thursday loves.