"Style and suave will get you in the door; Intelligence and integrity will keep you in the room." -Don Daniel    

"Style and suave will get you in the door; Intelligence and integrity will keep you in the room." -Don Daniel


Men's fashion can be equally as exciting as women's fashion, no doubt. If I had it my way every man would wear a sports coat to dinner every day and always accessorize. If I were a man, I would simply channel Don Daniel every second. And I would own a pocket square in every color and print! Don Daniel and I were both featured in Oklahoma Magazine for a People With Style article and we linked up on social media right after. I absolutely loved meeting someone new who cares about style and coffee as much as I do, especially living in Oklahoma. His style is impeccable and he leaves me so inspired on the daily. He attended high school in Oklahoma City, and most of his family is located there. Don had college football aspirations but injuries cut that short. He joined the Army and U.S. Coast Guard where he was a rescue diver. (My birth dad was also in The Coast Guard so I am completely intrigued with this part of Don's life as well.) He left Federal Service last year and has focused on entrepreneurial ventures as of late. Studying design at The Art Institute of Dallas and Culinary Arts help give him an eye for fashion and a flair for food! And I so much adore having a new friend just up the turnpike from me!

Gentlemen take notes!


-Where do you shop? 

Hugo Boss and Club Monaco have become my staples. I'm of the "instant gratification" sort so internet shopping has mixed reviews but I'm frequenting GILT, ENDCLOTHING and ShopStyle, too.

-What is the most stylish spot in OKC? And the most stylish spot anywhere in the world?

The Classen Curve is my favorite place in Oklahoma City for style and one must always consider New York City as a Mecca of fashion.

-Who is your style inspiration and why?

Sydney Poitier, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart. I used to sneak home and watch the Twilight Zone on my lunch break from school. I loved the mark of grace and aesthetics in that era. Which conversely, made growing up in the 80s and 90s quite confusing.

-What is your guilty pleasure in terms of fashion?

I like to keep my guilt out of my pleasures in the same manner as I like to keep decaf out of my coffee.

What was your first fashion moment?

When I realized that fashion is something you buy but style is something you own.

-Oldest thing in your closet? 

I have a Comstock and Company leather jacket that I love in the way men love old motorcycles. Oldest and favorite.

-What are you wearing today?

Today a monogram denim button-down collar, John Varvatos pleated white trousers, cognac monk strap loafers, and blue banded white straw Panama hat. Summer vibes.

- From start to finish what would be your ideal perfect day?

Morning run. Coffee and small moments with the ones you love - on repeat - like Bill Murray Groundhog Day.

-The best advice you ever received?

"Style and suave will get you in the door; Intelligence and integrity will keep you in the room."

-The worst advice?

A bad example is always the worst advice.

-Fall items you are coveting?

Knit polos and shawl-collar cardigans. I can never get enough.

-3 style pieces you must have on daily? And why?

Men's jewelry is new to me but I've been into bracelets and such lately. Smart, stylish eyewear are always within arms reach and a pocket rag or lapel pin for a flash of color.

- Any major projects and collaborations you are working on?

I've been working on a personal venture. A diverse array of services to bring your unique personal or professional identity into true form; with closet consultations and wardrobe walk through to take suiting, grooming, style and lifestyle recommendations from concept to incantation. Coming soon//

-Your fave cocktail?  

A Southern Limmerick is my favorite cocktail. Best of both worlds.

In a preheated 7 oz glass, add the rich demerara syrupMeletti amarorye, and brewed coffee. Stir. For a whipped topping, lightly whip cold cream and a little demerara syrup in a squeeze bottle. Use a bar-spoon to float 1/4 inch of sweetened, whipped cream on top of the drink, and finish with atomized Angostura bitters.

-Big thing we are going to see in Men's style this fall winter? What about Spring 2017?

Men's style this fall is dark textures and patterned blue (favorite) in the Spring things are shorter, brighter, and slimmer.

-A gentlemen going on a job interview..what should he wear?

Go with grey . It should be smart-tailored and trim, not fussy or flashy. One would want to give a sense of organization and utility in any job interview.

-A gentlemen going on a first date? What should he wear?

Go with navy .It can be dressed up or down and is approachable yet still gives a sense of occasion. ...and bring fresh flowers; the most important thing is a smile on your date.

-Black tie event? What should he wear?

I am a non-traditionalist when it comes to black-tie events. A shawl-collar tuxedo with a fully buttoned pinpoint shirt sans tie speaks to the modernist in me. However because I live in the Midwest I will wear a black satin bowtie with a denim shirt and a slim peak-lapeled suit to pay homage to the creed and culture of the region and my roots.

- Day time wedding..what should he wear?

Plan for the event. Feel out everyone's vibe and go with the theme of the day. Once you know that then dress better than you have to.

-How many days a week do you wear a jacket...sports coat, etc?

I (grudgingly) made a resolution this year to dress less formally. To my surprise this works well to wear a jacket every day every with denim, khakis, or even shorts.

-Any other styling tips for the gentlemen? What should they invest in and always have in their closet?

A navy blue suit, brown cap-toe lace-ups. A few slim-collar dress shirts are effortless, everyday and elevate your closet game. As in life - quality trumps quality.

- Going into the wilderness? How do you keep casual but stylish at the same time?

I'm a minimalist so I travel light. Keep colors in the same palate and nothing comes into the wild that can't fit into my canvas weekender. These things are get used: J.Crew and Banana Republic are great for stylish everyday outdoor when you're not trying to throw your wallet out the window.

-Men's do you find that perfect fit? And once you find it how much is too much too spend?

Denim has evolved, so a hundred bucks is a good benchmark. Invest the time to find the right rise, rinse and fit; once you do them don't wash them. Ever. Take 'em to your dry cleaner and request to press them flat - that way they won't vary much from their original look and will last a lifetime.

-Ties, bow-ties, pocket can a man who has never really worn these incorporate them into their daily attire and still look hip and casual?

All three are near to my heart. I wear a pocket square or a pocket rag everyday and it's a great starting point. From suiting to denim it adds a flash of color and style that just makes getting dressed fun - especially if one is skittish about ties and bow-ties.

-Older gentlemen..what style tips do you have for them to look stylish but not appear that they are trying too hard to look too young? 

I get asked this question often. My answer: Refine. Keep it simple and sensible by phasing out one piece at a time for its modern contemporary piece. Older Gents tend not to want to branch out because age can be viewed as a barrier. But quite to the contrary; one can stand up and apart as a ripened Gentleman with just a few pieces and subtle wardrobe changes to feel current and confident in any environment.

- Day in OKC? What should I do? (eat, sip, play, shop)

Get to Elemental Coffee, like yesterday. Then hit Republic for elevated pub-grub and the Classen Curve has anything anyone could need whether you're trying to stay dapper or need to redecorate. The Wheeler District Ferris wheel next to (Urban Farmhouse Designs) is open and definitely worth checking out. There are many sporting events - RayOKC/FC Energy matches and much to see and do in the Oklahoma City Arts District all well. It's a great time to live here.

How inspired are you to now go clean out your bf's closet ??! I would definitely hire Don to assist the man in your life! And I swear he needs to be on the cover of Man Of The World. 

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