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Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Life can be a roller coaster sometimes and in my life right now, I cannot seem to get off the ride. I knew relocating to Barcelona in January would be difficult but I had no idea it would be as difficult as it is becoming. Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited and all I can say is I am too stressed to be excited at this time. The condo that I live in is on the market, all while trying to sell everything I own for the move. Makes sense, right?? No. You cannot sell an unfurnished home really. Plus I am still here until January and have to cook and sleep and so on all while keeping it perfectly spic and span incase there is a showing at a moment's notice. But then there is that chance that an offer is made and the buyer needs to move in right away and then what? Oh vey. 

My stress and anxiety are at an all time high. And the only advice anyone can offer is "Samantha, just do not stress''. Hmmmmm. Okay. Easier said than done, right? I want to enjoy this process. I want to embrace this next chapter. I need to just be okay with not having control over every single thing right now and ride the wave. I long to nourish my next and fortify what is ahead all while being calm and collected, strong mentally and physically, and I need to remain focused and keep my eye on the prize. Selling everything you own except for the clothes you are taking abroad should be really exciting! Correct?

Oh and some people, when they’re stressed, don’t eat. (that would be all of my friends)

That’s not me. I’m the complete opposite of that. I get stressed and somehow all the chocolate and mexican food in the world are the only things that make sense. I have the hugest sweet tooth. And I am horrible at eating breakfast, which they say is the most important meal of the day. Thank all the lucky stars though for Kellogg’s® Special K® Granola. I can literally grab and go and I even carry it to my local coffee shop where they so kindly hook me up with grilled peaches and some yogurt for a delicious quick parfait. It's so filling and gives me the fuel I need to tackle the day. 

This is a once in a lifetime experience and I need to have my arms, heart, and mind wide open for what's to come. I am a strong woman and I got this! I can handle this. I can absolutely do this. These are the things I tell myself 100 times a day. And I am just going to channel Kate T. Parker and celebrate strong women everywhere. 

It is impossible to JUST not be stressed and anxious sometimes. But it is possible to take control over it. And the work is daily. Stress might always be apart of your life. The difference is that instead of trying to fight it, I make room for it, (same thing I also say to someone grieving. The sadness NEVER really goes away entirely, you just learn to live and make room for it especially through important holidays ) and rely on some self-care tips to make me feel better and keep me focused and sane. Here are the things I practice to eliminate stress and anxiety and nourish my life on the daily.

1. Nail down exactly what is causing me to feel stressed. Most of the time I know what's making me stressed. Sometimes it's hard to know for sure though. Sometimes it's a deadline, a fight I had with a loved one, or currently it's getting everything together for a relocation to Europe. But usually all of this can cause me to wake up in the middle of the night in a complete night sweat panic and then it's like Hello Insomnia. I try to take my time and think about everything that's going on and prioritize things in my mind. Doing this helps me to know clearly what is exactly causing these uncomfortable feelings right away. 

2. Get it out there. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I write down everything that's on my mind, even if it's just on a post it or an i-phone note. Most of the items can seem trivial, but getting it down on paper sort of empties my brain. Journaling is so therapeutic. Blogging is so therapeutic. It has been such an amazing outlet for me. You can also talk to a friend or counselor or a loved one about it too. That can be very therapeutic especially to a third party who is not biased. I always thought having a counselor was kind of a negative thing but the older I get, I have realized this is actually such a positive and one of the best investments you will ever make. 

3. Focus on the breath. Meditate. Do yoga. In order to feel better I rely on some deep breathing techniques while listening to relaxing music. Old Moby really calms me actually so that is my go to. I will inhale for five beats, hold it at the top for four, and then exhale for five. My yoga teacher Keri is a pro at this and teaches this in class. Most yoga teachers practice this and teach this method actually. These deep breaths calm me down and also lower my heart rate, and bring a sense of peace to the day, I do this several times a day especially when things start piling up on that to -do list. It usually happens pretty quick. And it's also something I can do in my car, coffee shop, and even in the bathtub while relaxing in a hot bath. I also try to start and end my day doing this quiet meditation. It doesn't take long at all and it is the perfect way to have some time to myself. There are different styles of yoga that you can do too. I highly recommend a restorative class or a gentle yoga class. Often times in these you never leave your back and I find these the most challenging because you have to really learn how to sit still and calm your monkey mind. 

4. Exercise//Switch up your routine. When I'm feeling stressed, my first instinct is to just sit at home and stay on the couch and watch netflix. When my to to do list gets so long I actually just shut down and nothing happens. Exercising and sweating really helps me feel centered. I will catch a spin class and take it out on those pedals. Or I will go for a long walk with my pups or play a game of tennis. Lin can always tell when I have not gotten my daily exercise. My mood reflects it ! And simply changing my scenery for paperwork really helps too. Working from home has it's pros but it has it's cons too. Go to that local cafe or a park. Try something different. Switch up your routine. Switching up a routine has been so positive for me as I find I get in a huge rut. 

5. Self Care: This one is huge for me. I can just seem to conquer the world a little bit better when I have my nails done or have my hair fixed. Taking time to do something special for yourself is a good thing. We often feel guilty for doing it but don't. 

6. Never Skip Breakfast. Breakfast fuels you first thing in the morning. It truly is the most important part of your day. It kick starts your metabolism. It boosts the brain and gives me so much energy to tackle the day's tasks. And I love keeping it simple.

I love the honey flavor for my sweet tooth and it can easily be found at your nearest Kroger in the cereal aisle but with all the granola products to the right of the actual cereals. I also noticed these other fabulous Special K products in Kroger and I cannot wait to try the snack bars and protein shakes.

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