New Loves

With Fashion Week on the brain and the cooler temps hopefully making an appearance early, I have started switching over my closets for the season. I also completed my Fall/Winter shopping list last night finding 5 amazing jackets. 2 leather, two suede, and a good everyday basic that is a microfiber synthetic suede.They all have a casual vibe too so I am looking forward to adding a bit of a more relaxed feeling into my wardrobe. I found the perfect brown riding boot with gold hardware and an amazing taupe open toe bootie that I am dying to wear with a gunmetal opaque tight.

I linked everything below. That BCBGen suede number with the fringe is seriously going to be a staple for me so I am apologizing in advance for wearing it like everyday. I love fringe. The BNCI suede jacket is amazing on. It comes in a variation of colors too but I snagged the olive. I have nothing in that color so I am excited to give it a try. I am contemplating the wine tone one too. It's stunning and with these sale prices..who can resist?! The BNCI synthetic suede is really cozy on and I snagged that one in black. The other BNCI leather jacket has amazing texture and I feel like I can really dress that one up. It has silver hardware though which is really new for me so time will tell on that one but the cut is perfection. The Free Press moto faux leather I got will be a great piece to wear all season with so much. It has a distressed look and is super casual. I couldn't find it to link so I linked the moto vest for you which is super fun. And of course the boots! All the heart eyes. (all of them run true to size except the BNCI textured jacket..that one runs a size small)

Treat yourself today! 

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