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It is time to say farewell to summer once and for all. Kiddos are back in school, gym routines are back in full swing, the days are getting shorter, and work is busier then ever. My clients have a ton of events the last quarter of the year with charities, galas, and holiday parties so my styling business definitely keeps me busy. (Currently working on some things for Santa Fe) I also am taking four trips before December including one on a BMW motorcycle. That trip is two weeks long and packing for a two-week motorcycle trip is a whole other issue in itself!

Needless to say, personal self care tasks as simple as washing my own locks take the back burner sometimes (Hey, I am a busy woman with a million responsibilities) and dry shampoo becomes by best friend. Don't get me wrong, it's always been on my beauty essential checklist but I might just move it to the VERY top along with my obsession for essential oils. Ever since my yoga instructor made these cold towels soaked in lavender oil I have been hooked to the benefits of aromatherapy and now have a collection of essential oils that never leave my beauty bag. 

Aromatherapy is an age-old tradition that brings together the unique amazing smells of essential oils and our senses. They deliver fascinating benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. The oils are extracted from flowers, herbs, and roots and essential oils capture the super-concentrated "essence" of a plant, and contain the plant's natural scent profile. And the scents can be calming or even uplifting so the fun part with aromatherapy is exploring and finding what oils work for you and your needs. You will quickly learn how to utilize these oils to maximize their amazing benefits.

My dry shampoo addiction can get incredibly expensive and after having a long rainy day weekend a while back I remember seeing all these DIY recipes for a dry shampoo on Pinterest using essential oils. I decided to try it myself and am so glad I did. I am thrilled to share my DIY dry shampoo with you using my favorite Nature's Truth Lavender Oil. The aroma is fresh, floral, and woody which calms and balances me throughout the day.  Plus you guys, this was soooooooooo easy!! Bookmark this now. 

Ready to be blown away?!


1/2 cup organic cornstarch 

3/4 drops of Nature's Truth Lavender Oil


2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (for those with dark hair and I mean Hell-ooooo me)

2 Tbsp cinnamon (for people with red or auburn hair)

I actually mixed both the cocoa powder and cinnamon into my cornstarch  for my hair color!

I actually mixed both the cocoa powder and cinnamon into my cornstarch  for my hair color!


Combine all ingredients well using a whisk and store your all-natural homemade DIY dry shampoo in a container of your choice. I used a little travel container that I found and it works perfect. However you can also use an old salt shaker, or a mason jar. Just poke holes in the lid. Get creative with something you might already have at home. So simple, right?? This was the easiest project and I am not a huge DIY'er so trust me.


You can apply the powder directly to the roots using your applicator bottle and work it through with a comb but I prefer to use my hands. I feel this gives me more of an even application. Shake your bottle to remove any clumps and then squeeze a tablespoon of the dry shampoo into your hands. Do this over a sink or waste basket because it can be a tad messy. Run your hands together to spread the powder evenly and apply from root to tip, making sure to get any areas that look greasy. A few specks on your clothes will brush off without leaving a mark so do not fret! A dampened towel will work too if all else fails. 

After applying the dry shampoo work it through the hair with your hands (make sure your hands are clean so you do not transfer more oil to the hair) until the powder has dissolved entirely. I love flipping my head upside down and massaging a generous portion into my scalp at the roots. It is my ultimate volume secret!!! Shhh....

And the lavender oil smells so good. I get so many compliments throughout the day. It's such a comforting aroma. I can also use my oil for various home remedies, air freshener, couple's massage, or even in my mini diffuser. I also use mine to deodorize my gym bag. That thing needs all the help it can get. You can find your Nature's Truth essential oils At Walgreens in the vitamin aisle while you stock up on your September issues and gossip magazines and Halloween candy. Kill all the birds with one stone so-to-speak. And you are most welcome in advance!

Off to curl up with a book since I do not have to wash and dry and style my hair tonight. Thank you dry shampoo. And P.S..everything fits in my motorcycle jacket for my big moto adventure!!

Nature's Truth Calming Essential Oil Roll On. Floral, sweet and citrusy, with notes of herbal spices in scent uplift me. 

Nature's Truth Calming Essential Oil Roll On. Floral, sweet and citrusy, with notes of herbal spices in scent uplift me. 

What ways do you use essential oils?