Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader to Mom of Twins and Everything In Between.

The 2016 NFL season, the 97th season in the history of the National Football League (NFL), is scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 8, 2016, with the annual kickoff game featuring the defending Super Bowl 50 champion Denver Broncos hosting the Carolina Panthers. The season will conclude with Super Bowl LI, the league's championship game, on Sunday, February 5, 2017, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Obviously I am a Dallas Cowboy's fan all the way. With football on the brain I was so interested in catching up with my long time friend Cheryl Crosby. She was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader which is intense. The training involved is incredible and these girls work so hard. I met her years ago when I was in the beauty industry and covered The Las Colinas Territory where Cheryl lived and worked. Cheryl always did the best hair and makeup and had the most amazing classic style. I would covet her latest beauty secrets. She also kills it daily with those fit-bit steps and I am so inspired by the work she puts in to keep healthy. She has so much love for Dallas but also spends lots of time traveling to The West Coast which intrigues me. Excited for you to get to meet her here! 

Cheryl Interview

-Being a Dallas Native, when was the moment you knew you wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader?

I knew I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader at the age of 4. My parents had season tickets to the games. I would spend the entire game watching the DCC, then go home and practice the "moves".

-The training is long and rigorous to make that team...can you explain the process?

I'm sure things have changed since my years at auditions. When I tried out the Cowboys were winning Super Bowls. Showing up at the Texas Stadium there were thousands of girls on day one, so much so that the line wrapped completely around the stadium. Preliminaries consisted of freestyle dance. They would turn on random music and you would try to out dance the 5 other girls in your group. Semi-Finals would consist of learning a routine and kick line. Again, in groups of 6, you would show how quickly you could pick up the choreography. If selected to Finals, we would write an essay, interview with director, come up with an original talent (singing/dancing/etc.) with costume and re audition the choreographed dance and kick line as well as take a written test on football, current events and national anthem. The veteran DCC would be at finals too to audition to keep their spots. Once selected to training camp, practice would begin - 5 days a week, 5-6 hours per night. Training Camp lasted till the 1st home game.

-The fondest memories about being a DCC?

 My best memories of being a DCC would be the USO tours, performing at games and the friendships I made with the other cheerleaders. Now that I have retired, I'm very active in our alumni group. I've made friends with DCC's that cheered from the '70s to just last year. It's like our own sorority.

-One weekend in Dallas. What should someone eat, drink, see, shop?

When in Dallas you must shop at North Park Mall (indoor & a/c) or Highland Park Village (outdoor). Great museums to visit are Perot and Nasher. Must see is the new Cowboys Stadium (AT&T Stadium) they have a tour to see everything from art to locker rooms. Dallas is really into sports, so attend a football, baseball, and hockey or basketball game. Best places to eat: Nick & Sam’s (steak), Mi Cocina (Tex-Mex in Highland Park Village), and III Forks (steaks). Best place to stay: Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons Las Colinas (this also has the TPC golf course for those that want to play a round or two). 

-You spend a lot of time in Beverly Hills. One weekend there, what should we do, see, eat, drink, and shop?

When in Beverly Hills shopping on the famous Rodeo or one street over on Beverly is a must. Having lunch on a patio in Beverly Hills is an event in itself. You never know what famous person you might see. Restaurants we love are Mastros (Hello Butter Cake), Georgie's, Polo Lounge, and Il Fornaio. Our favorite museum is the Getty. Stay at Montage Beverly Hills or Beverly Wilshire (a Four Seasons Hotel) It's in walking distance to all shopping and restaurants. Remember to leave time to enjoy the pool and the great weather! 

-Married life with twins...and you still mange to look beautiful and crush those fit bit goals! What are your secrets to staying in shape? Any quick work out's you would like to share with us? Your morning beauty regime?

 I have to get my workouts in before the twins wake up. That means waking up at 4:30 or 5am. I try to walk on the treadmill or elliptical between 4-8 miles everyday. I end up getting a couple extra miles in during the day chasing the twins. I just started doing the squats, push up & sit up routine by using an app on my phone. I used one like it before I was pregnant and it worked great. It really helps when my husband is home because we workout together in the morning. That's our "date" time. My morning beauty routine is simple: moisturizer & lip balm.

-Your first fashion moment?

I was 6 years old and I remember playing in the mud and I covered my arms to make long mud gloves and I used rocks as rings and bracelets. But before that I played dress up in my mom's clothes. She always had hats that matched her dresses. I was about 3 or 4 when I started that. She kept a purse full of old jewelry that I would try on everyday. I also had a Barbie head that got a hairstyle & makeup application daily. My mother would give me her used eyelashes and I would glue them onto my eyes.

-What is your favorite thing in your closet right now?

My favorite thing in my closet would have to be my black pearl and diamond Chanel necklace. I love the gun metal tones it pulls and really stands out against the black. 

-What items are you coveting for fall/winter? (must have shopping list)

 I want to get my hands on booties & over knee boots: open toe and closed. I want to find some in cream, light grey and dark grey. I also got a big black floppy hat for both myself and my daughter. I think it will really look cute in the fall. I'm trying to add shark skin tones in the silvery medium grey to my wardrobe in jackets, scarves, and jewelry. 

-Who is your style inspiration and why?

 I love to look at fashion magazines runway issues, especially the European ones because what happens there tends to come to the U.S. 3-4 years later, including hair and makeup trends. It is my study guide! Daily I browse The Lookbook app for unique ideas for styling the clothes that are already in my closet. It is full of fashion bloggers and young Europeans with clever styling ideas. 

-Oldest thing in your closet?

Oldest thing in my closet was my mother's Gucci handbag. It is felt with camel leather down the side with very unusual handle. I love to bring it out every year to kickstart fall. 

-Are you still doing makeup and hair?! Can you share some of your makeup tips and hair secrets?

 I do hair everyday, just they are different clients than before... my husband has me cut his hair, and I trim my twins hair. The twins are the most demanding clients I have ever had! Haha Check out my Facebook page for tips, I try to throw some out every week.

And I personally love love love the tips! I learned last week from Cheryl how to tighten my skin using egg whites in a thin layer on my face. You let it dry and rinse with warm water after 20 minutes. Skin feels tighter and pores will appear smaller. I also loved Cheryl's tips on how to have a successful consultation with a colorist in the salon. She also turned me on to the kabuki brush and I am needing to order the Dyson hair dryer!

Cannot wait to see what's next for Cheryl and her adorable family. 

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