Rock Your Spa Day//Hard Rock Tulsa

(This post is sponsored by Hard Rock Spa Tulsa but all opinions are mine alone)

As you may know, I do adore the spa. Having spent ten plus years in the salon/spa industry, I feel like I know a thing or two about them also. Of course if I am needing a last minute quick massage for sleeping on my neck wrong, the place up the street from me is great. And cheap. And of course I love my neighborhood nail spa and they do a great job of making me feel beautiful and relaxed. But there are days where the whole world is against me, my tire has another nail in it, the dogs threw up on the duvet, my phone battery is dying at a rapid pace and there is zero explanation, someone in Dubai bought 6,000 worth of computer stuff on my credit know. One of those days. For those days, there is Hard Rock Spa Tulsa. 

This gem just opened in mid December. And I was just telling my friend in Dallas the other day how I miss Dallas Resort spa's. I was feeling home sick and having a terrible day and she was telling me to book a spa day and then go eat chocolate and I would feel like a brand new lady like we used to do all the time. I was laughing out loud and explaining to her that there was a huge difference between the day spa's we have here in Tulsa and the spa's we have in D. Not to mention there were no resort spa's to even spend the whole day. We typically would take advantage of the steam sauna, the pool, bottle know....everything is bigger in Dallas you guys. 

I just sorta stopped going to the spa. I think it was partly for a few reasons. One being I knew everyone in the industry. As much as I wanted some blissful out of this world pampering, where I would fall fast asleep and wake up glowing like a pregnant Heidi Klum, that just wasn't reality. All of my technicians were nervous and chatty and then I found myself just delivering an Aveda product knowledge course throughout my whole help Sam destress and not think about work service. Two, I simply couldn't justify spending the money on relaxation for myself to make me a better person in society. If my neck was sore or I was having a weird break out, sure...that was justified. But just to treat myself to a body mind experience..I felt guilty for spending. And three, I felt all sorts of anxiety to get naked in front of someone other then my boyfriend. Like OMG, she will see all my cellulite and stretch marks. And my tummy just is not as flat as it once was and, and, and......

Seriously...these were my mental spa blocks. 

So long story short, my industry friend from my Aveda days contacted me about her new position with Hard Rock Tulsa and invited me in to try a few services. I was so excited to hear that Tulsa had a destination resort spa. It was complete news to me! All of those silly blocks started popping up in my head though. Not going to lie, especially the body one. I had to give myself a pep talk and I am so glad that I did. 

The spa is gorgeous, the staff is so professional, and I instantly felt like I had been transported somewhere else. I indulged in the Sea Holistic Exfoliation & Massage which took me on a journey to Thailand. The lavender sea salt scrub soothed my muscles and made my skin feel silky smooth and the Thai-inspired  massage completely relaxed me so much that I fell asleep. It was 80 minutes of total bliss. I also indulged in a Hydralessence Hydrating Facial. My skin felt so restored and hydrated after. The soft gel peel was m fave part of the service. And of course as much as extractions are not my fave, they are needed so we got rid of all the congestion in my pores. I have missed the monthly facial. My skin looks and feels so amazing after just improving my whole daily maintenance. 

The best part of The Spa at Hard Rock is that when you book just one service, you are encouraged to spend the entire day or as much time as you possibly can. You are encouraged to not rush. Take advantage of their complimentary steam shower, dry sauna, and their amazing relaxing lounge with these amazing zero gravity chairs. When the pool opens this summer too, you will be able to also take advantage of that perk. They will have massage therapists available too out on the deck for shoulder massages poolside. 

And lucky for you dears, they are offering 15% off any facial now until the end of February to Go French Yourself readers. Just show them this post when you are paying . Check out the amazing facials and other services provided here

Do something sweet for yourself, your Valentine, your bestie, your sibling, and truly make a day of it! I am so stoked to have a girls day here starting with the spa, then dinner, then a concert!!! How fun would that be?! Maybe even some gambling! When in Rome, right?! 

You deserve it ! Call 800-760-6700 to book your service and let me know how much you loved it. 

So much thanks to The Spa at Hard Rock Tulsa for hosting Lin and I. He loved it even more then I did so men...follow his lead! And just look at my skin. Seriously love the benefits of a facial, massage, and a little self care day. It's needed! It's so very needed!