Minor History Crush

It's no secret that I adore clutches and small cross-body bags. Not only are they the perfect scale for me, but I can find exactly what I am looking for inside. The bigger the bag, the more stuff I carry around and it's ridiculous stuff . I have always had that super large wallet though..you know the one that fits a check book and even has a mini photo album in it..yeah...seriously Samantha..enough is enough. Who even writes checks anymore besides the ladies I ALWAYS seem to get behind in line at the market? I have learned that it's a little easier to master the art of your bag contents when you start minimizing your wallet size so you can actually carry along lip gloss, some blotting papers, and an i-phone back up battery...you know stuff you actually might need. Maybe even some hot sauce. (thanks Beyonce)  I am the girl who travels the world on the back of a BMW motorcycle after all so maximizing space is my specialty. And I am on a mission for all the itty bitty bite size functional gorgeous beauties out there. Le Monde de Petites if you will...(that means the world of small) And I love how it sounds. New itty bitty Barcelona vacation rental with an itty bitty stove and shower??? Le Monde de Petites. Le Monde de Petites. Le Monde de Petites. See, I already feel so much better. It just sounds so good. 

While in Houston at one of my fave stores over Thanksgiving I discovered this amazing brand called Minor History. I was instantly drawn to the high quality leather and the interesting shapes of their accessories. I love anything unique. 

From their website, I learned that they launched in 2015 by the New York-based design collective Aesthetic Movement, Minor History creates smart, sturdy leather accessories to help carry the stuff of life. They focus on well-priced leather goods that are simple, modern, and not overly concerned with the trappings of fashion. Their pared-down silhouettes convey a quiet confidence, made striking by bold expressions of color.

Each piece is intentionally unlined, using uninterrupted hides.  Minimal stitching and sparse use of hardware allow them to use the highest quality materials - American hides, vegetable tanned leathers, and solid, un-lacquered brass.  These materials only improve over time, gently aging with use. Their hope is that each Minor History piece lives a long life with its wearer, taking on its own history, however minor, over time.

So I found the most amazing tiny ledger to fit perfectly in my tiny purses and the best part is that this gem even fits in my coat pocket or in the back of those Levi jeans. The Little Ledger is square and compact with slots for cards, a central zipper pocket for coins, and a compartment for folded bills keeping me organized. Pretty obsessed with the Phases print too. It's absolutely perfect and I cannot wait to travel the world with it. 

Check out Minor History here. And let me know what piece you are just drooling over?! 



(This post was sponsored by Minor History but all opinions are mine alone.)