It's SOLE good. Q & A With Karen and Jamie From Sole Massage.

Have you ever thought about the important role our feet play in daily life? I am so serious. On face value, our feet touch the ground whenever we are standing, walking, running, and they are the extensions of the legs, which help move you. They are the foundation of the body. And ladies, our ever so fashionable fancy footwork....ohhhhh they look so good but our little tootsies are in serious need of some tender loving care! (Speaking of fancy footwork..are these white leather booties just perfection?! They sorta make me feel like I am walking on the moon. The heels are gold BTW!! )

When I think of TLC, I also think of one of my 2017 resolutions and being more kind to myself was at the top of the list. I have been feeling really drained with everything around me. My cup has been empty for weeks and I have had nothing to give anyone else, much less myself. This makes me feel terrible and anxious. And my shoulders are frozen touching my ears because I am so tense. There are also long days and around noon, I literally just crash and am so overwhelmed I cannot focus on anything. I want to plan more activities that bring me joy and peace. Activities that calm me as I tend to get over stimulated very quickly in stressful situations. I know I need to be way better about taking advantage of my time off, heck, I actually NEED to give myself time off now that I think of it. 

I have been spending quite a bit of time in The Boxyard.   I have been incredibly home sick and this place makes me feel like I am back in Texas. Lin personally has been addicted to Sole Massage. Ever since I have known him actually he has zero problems taking time for himself. He loves getting weekly massages and taking care of himself. I mean that probably has a lot to do with why he looks so dang good. He is seriously Benjamin Button. He looks younger with every birthday and I keep looking in the mirror not even recognizing this person staring back at me. Gravity is cruel.  He can also go on a diet for a week and lose ten pounds. I do the same diet and the same things and lose one pound. Hmmm, okay focus Samantha. 

But really dears...Sole Massage is here for us, all of us. Life can be tricky. Work can be stressful. Having three kids running around can sometimes be really stressful. This election, no matter your political stance, is really stressful. Sole Massage is a new urban concept on how you experience massage. Their seated massages focuses on the feet,hands, shoulders, scalp, and face at an affordable price! The best part is if you are a person on the go, you can opt for the quick thirty minute massage on your lunch hour. It's truly amazing what thirty minutes of you-time can do for your day or even your week....and furthermore your life. 

I am so honored to let the amazing women that opened this place speak for themselves about their wonderful vision and business they have brought to downtown Tulsa. 

Meet the lovely Karen and Jamie. They might be our SOLE-mates!


-How long have you two known one another and what made you decide to start this venture together?!

I have known Jamie for over 20 years.  My husband has been a friend with her since kindergarten, and they are distant cousins.  We have become close family friends over the years and it has been fun raising our families together.  We enjoy time at Grand Lake and Crested Butte together, as well as getting massages. We decided to start Sole Massage, because we both genuinely love massage.  We came up with the whole concept over a quick getaway to Kansas City.  Jamie and I literally jumped in the car without an agenda.  Long story short, we ended up with 3rd row seats at a Guns N Roses concert and a lose business plan in less than 24 hours.

-What should one expect when they enter through the doors of Sole Massage?

When you enter Sole, one should expect a time out.  A break in their day, a time for themselves.  We give a luxury experience at an affordable price.  We offer a seated massage experience of 30 or 60 minutes.  You can pick and choose the areas our licensed massage therapist’s work on (foot, lower leg, hand, arm, shoulder, scalp, face) and tell them of any problem areas and how deep of a massage you are comfortable with.

-Why The Box-Yard. What attracted you to opening up in this location?

We find The Boxyard a good fit because of the location and community of downtown Tulsa.  Jamie and I are both native Tulsans and we love the growth downtown Tulsa is currently experiencing.  The Boxyard is a great location because we can reach out to people who work, live and simply enjoy downtown.  The Boxyard is a little community itself with retailers, restaurants and much more!

-Why it is important for people to take time to themselves?

It is important for people to take time for themselves to just be a better version of themselves.  Massage offers many physical and emotional benefits. A 30 minute disconnect, can relive stress, tension, help with fatigue and even can awaken creativity centers in your brain.

-What are some ways that you two take time for yourselves?

We honestly take time out for ourselves by getting a massage. It is how we came up for the concept of Sole Massage.  Our studio is exactly what we would want to experience during our massage.  It can be a time to meditate, relax and nurture.

- Fave places in Tulsa for eating, sipping, shopping?!

We try to keep things as local as possible…we love Bohemian Pizza, Virgola, Stonehorse, Chimera and Delasandro’s.  We both love a glass of red wine and most of our stomping grounds can provide it for us.  For shopping, Utica Square, Center 1 and The Boxyard has us covered.

-Currently binge watching ______ on netflix?

I just finished binge watching The Crown.  Love it!  Jamie is not really a binge watcher but I know she loves, This Is Us. 

-Currently listening to _________ in the car?

I love Tom Petty. Jamie is a big Fleetwood Mac fan. We love concerts! But we also have teenagers, which means I listen to everything from Drake to Justin Bieber. And I have to admit, I enjoy it!

-What are your visions and goals for Sole Massage? 

Our goal for Sole is to create a space for people to take care of themselves.  We provide licensed massage therapists that can educate, support and help clients.  We want everyone to know the positive benefits of massage.

-Any dreams of a 2nd location?

We do dream of a second location.  We have been approached about other locations, but are currently very happy with The Boxyard location and have several exciting things lined up to happen there soon.

-Did you grab inspiration from anywhere when designing this concept?

We did get inspiration from California spas that offer seated massage.  We also got a lot of our creativity this past fall, Jamie and I went Miraval in Tuscan, AZ.  

-I love the simple clean minimal look. Tell me about this? 

Sole does offer a very simple look for several reasons.  First of all, I love clean lines, texture and soft colors.  We have a white backdrop to help the mind relax.  We added natural elements, such as birch wood, natural rope and succulents because nature helps us reenergize. We also have specific music that helps with calming.  It is a vibe that is welcoming and offers a moment to unwind in a busy world.

-What inspires you?

I get inspired by spending time outdoors.  A quick walk outside can do wonders for me in many ways.  When I am indoors, I like creativity and overall vibe.  There is nothing better than visiting a friend’s home for the first time and wanting to get home and rearrange things.  An organized space is everything.

-Best advice you have ever gotten?

 My parents have taught me to do what I say that I am going to do. I don’t flake out, I follow through, I know how to stick with things.  That advice translates well professionally as well as personally.  I am hopefully teaching the same to my kids.

-Worst advice you have ever gotten?

The worst advice is to play things safe.  I love the saying by Erin Hanson, “What if I fall?”  “Oh, my darling, what if you fly?”.  We learn from things that don’t work, it is a part of exploring and trying.  I think there is something so sad about not taking risks.  Take the leap!

-Any wise word for other entrepreneurs working on their dreams to owning their business?

My wise words to fellow entrepreneurs is to have a plan and seek advice.  Jamie and I spent countless hours coming up with our business plan. The crazy thing is, that it was so much fun!  We also had several conversations with Teresa Gawey, co owner of Salt Yoga.  She was one of our biggest supporters and gave us great advice. 

-Whats next for you girls?!

We are currently gearing up big time for Valentine’s Day!  We will offer a gift box set and it has been fun putting together.  We are also planning on selling product in the studio soon.  We want to offer essential oils, candles and body scrubs.  We want to keep our natural, organic theme while providing amazing products.  And this spring we have some exciting things happening at the studio and on the outdoor upper level deck.  It’s Sole good!  Sorry, I had to say it…

I am so excited for them! Pretty sure you will see Lin there lots and I am opting to make this a weekly ritual of mine. Karen and Jamie are generously gifting my readers with $10 off a massage for the month of February. Just let them know you are a "Go French Yourself Friend' when booking or checking out! 

Are you Soul ready or what?! Book your appointment here!! 

They do parties too! I mean how fun for your bridal party....