Sustainable Fashion With Jesse Kamm//Happy Earth Day

Man Repeller inspired this post today about sustainable fashion and with Earth Day being today, it seemed like the perfect time to post about one of my favorite brands that are really doing it right! You can tell a lot about a brand's commitment by doing these three things before you purchase your next piece of clothing. Green could just very well be the new black!

And every gal should add a Jesse Kamm piece to her wardrobe right away!!!

Beautiful rainy day yesterday in Tulsa. 

Beautiful rainy day yesterday in Tulsa. 

(From Man Repeller)

1. Model: Read the brand’s “About” page for a sense of the company’s overarching purpose.

If sustainability is a core value, you’ll read about it in a sincere and substantiated way. Sustainability isn’t an after-thought or a gimmick; it’s a guiding principle that a company relies on when the time comes to make difficult decisions.

Aside from being clear about their business model, sustainable brands often make statements rejecting the speed and volume of modern consumption. These companies use words like “timeless,” “carefully curated,” “smaller,” “better,” “less,” and “made to last for a long time.” This approach signals a fundamental departure from the business-as-usual formula of pushing customers to just buy more.

2. Make: Look for where (and how) the clothing is made.

By reading the description of individual pieces of clothing, you can get a sense of a company’s production practices. Are the clothes made domestically? In developing countries? Are measures taken to compensate workers fairly? To ensure their safety? If the clothes are handmade, traded fairly, made domestically or manufactured with pride in the process, that will be explicitly stated. Companies that invest time, energy and resources to produce their clothing ethically say it outright.

3. Materials: Consider the clothing’s fiber composition.

Given the volume of clothing produced each year, the material composition of our clothes takes a heavy toll on the environment. Sustainable brands are aware of these challenges and take active measures to use more responsible materials like linen, hemp, Tencel (lyocell), organic cotton, alpaca and recycled or organic non-mulesed wool. Companies might also use vintage or deadstock material to mitigate their environmental impact.

Fantastic tips, right?!

So here is my favorite fashion brand doing amazing things that you should feel so good supporting!

(all images are from Jesse Kamm's website)


She has committed to using fine and sturdy fabrics in the collection, because she wants the pieces to last a very long time. She is committed to making everything in Los Angeles, to support her community. She chooses these things because she believes they are right and good. Such effortless chic pieces that I fantasize about wearing to all my summer garden parties. She makes me want to board a plane and head to Southern California right away. I am obsessed!

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I just love the inside of her mind...check out her inspiration here. 

And shop some more faves here...

What are some of your favorite sustainable fashion brands?!