Mother's Day Picnic In The Park for The Modern Mom Featuring Provisions Fine Beverage Purveyors

I know a lot of you out there feel the pressure when it comes to Mother’s Day. Trying to plan the ideal day for Mom every year can be stressful, especially when you are trying to come up with new exciting fresh ideas. And if you are anything like me you work endlessly to perfect every last detail — the brunch has to be fabulous, the gift just right, and let's not forget the millions of greeting cards you sit and read only to go back and buy the first one you picked. The pressure is on, right?! 

So I am thrilled to share a pretty simple idea with you that will not involve all the planning and headache. And just know...this can be something you can do for a your fave bestie who is a momma, an aunt, a sister, or anyone you look up to in your life. I lost my mom years ago to cancer so Mother's Day can tend to be a bit of a melancholy holiday for me but I chose to celebrate the fantastic mother's out there! And being a mom myself, I would absolutely love someone treating me to a relaxing day "picknicking" in the park. This is the ultimate idea for you hubbies out there who have no idea what to do or grab some momma besties and celebrate each other! Think outside the box. (literally!)

Never had a picnic before and have no idea where to even begin?! Don't fret....Here is your step-by-step for the most wonderful Mom's Day yet. And of course booze is involved...after all this modern woman is ready to relax and let her hair down!

So incase you missed my Mother's Day gift guide it is again. Click here  to get 23 amazing ideas for some fabulous "prezzies." Number one on my list is the fantastic Joules Wicker Picnic Basket.  It's effortlessly elegant and so functional as it comes with everything you need...plates, napkins, wine opener, wine glasses, silverware and a thermal cooler. And at a $116.00 price point, it's the perfect gift for that special mother in your life. I would take it one step further and fill the basket with a picnic and present it all to her, so it's a gift followed by a relaxing date to the park. Skip all the crowds at restaurants and get outside in nature. 


 Now that you have the basket...arguably the 2nd most important element of the day is the picnic blanket. You can go for an amazing print or follow me lead and stick to a nice neutral so it wouldn't be too distracting with everything else going on. I personally adore this Calvin Klein Assher Quilt  in a pale blue. It's incredibly soft and does have a subtle all over design throughout. The major plus on's machine washable. I picked mine up in a queen and it's the perfect blanket! Plus it matches the basket! I know, I know...I am all about those small details. When scoping out the perfect picnicking spot, always search for a comfortable shaded area and level ground. This will make all the difference in your picnic adventure.

See...look at this subtle texture ! Fave blanket ever. Here is Krista testing the light for the shoot. (do ignore the crumbs) 

See...look at this subtle texture ! Fave blanket ever. Here is Krista testing the light for the shoot. (do ignore the crumbs) 

Step 2: 

Set up all of your essentials that you packed in your basket!

Since my basket has EVERYTHING I need...all I had to concentrate on was food and sips! So let's start with lunch! I decided to make things super easy on myself and I recommend you do too. Grab some sandwiches from your fave deli and pack along some fresh fruit and a green salad. I chose to do a Banh Mi theme with lemongrass buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches and Kimchi Fries from Lone Wolf. Local Tulsa loves, if you have not yet been there, stop reading this and just get in the car and drive there now. (LONE WOLF opened in September 2012 to instant acclaim. Specializing in banh mi, kimchi fries, and fried rice bowls with an emphasis on quality and creativity. LONE WOLF has won best food truck in nearly every local awards ceremony. Now growing into restaurants, their first is at 3136 e 11th st. on ROUTE 66. The downtown Tulsa location will be open summer 2017. LONE WOLF was featured on the second season of the CNBC tv show Restaurant Startup.) It's soooo delish! I brought along my own berries and greens. Again..just keep things simple, yet pretty...(I incorporated some ribbon)

STEP 3: 

Sips are needed ! You can do iced tea or lemonade or seriously celebrate and get some fun booze! I mean, mom deserves it! 

And I always rely on my good friends from Provisions Fine Beverages  for the best wine and spirits in the world. And here is what I am currently crushing on major! Scott introduced me some pretty fabulous stuff that would be perfect for any occasion but work wonderfully with your Mom's Day picnic. (you can meet Scott and Kala here....they are always introducing me to some amazing wines.


The White Queen By The Wonderland Project:  The Wonderland Project was founded by bootlegger and former sommelier, Matt Ahern. After years of selling wine to elite restaurants in the Western US, Ahern realized that there was something missing from most wine lists: a high quality wine made from high quality fruit, with enough refinement for the most discerning palette at an accessible cost.  In 2010, unable to find just the right wine to fill this niche, Ahern decided to make it himself.  With the help of pedigreed Sonoma grape growers, The White Queen was born. Previously available only at select restaurants, The White Queen is now available to enjoy at home. Lucky us! And it's just perfect for that queen in your life!

Alloy Wine Works Central Coast Everyday Rosé:   Rosé in a can....yes please!!! Their mission... 


Shacksbury Arlo Cider:These Arlo cans are delicious and oh so cute!

  • Aromatic, grapefruit, lightly sparkling, and dry

  • Complex and assertive with a vibrant acidity 

  • Apple varieties - A blend of eating apples from Sunrise Orchards in Vermont and a Basque bittersweet apple blend

  • 2015 harvest

  • Native yeast fermentation in stainless steel and aged for 3-6 months 

  • 12oz cans, 6.2% ABV

  • Residual sugars - 0 g/can

  • Produced and bottled by Shacksbury Cider in Vergennes, Vermont

Olivares Rosado:  This Spanish rosé offers up hints of strawberry and white pepper. Soft and dry on the finish, making this immensely appealing. And the packaging is just gorgeous. That momma in your life will adore this!

Hoxie Spritzer and Foxíe :These amazing spritzer cans are so divine. The Hoxie Blanc is lemon flavored and the Hoxie Rosè is lemon ginger flavored and these are so refreshing. Foxie is a rosé wine spritzer with pear and pink peppercorn. And of course I cannot get enough of the packaging of all of these!

Bellus Wines Caldera, Campania:  This Caldera is made from Falanghina grapes grown without chemicals or pesticides in the hills of Campania.Nearby Mount Vesuvius' violent explosions have released more than 100,000 times the thermal energy of an atomic bomb. The explosions have created Campania's geological identity. Claudia Wu  of Cherry Bombe magazine which happens to be my fave mag ever has reimagined that smoke and ash on out label. They donate a percentage of Caldera proceeds to Earth Justice. Seriously soooooo good!!!!! I am freakin' obsessed. A subscription to Cherry Bombe mag would also be an amazing gift for momma by the way with this wine!!! 

(This amazing leather backpack below is from Jenkins and Co

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose: Persistent mousse, with fine bubbles rising slowly. Pale salmon pink in color, with a shade of gold. A nose of red fruits and fresh pear. Delicate fruit on the palate, elegant, and showing great finesse. And you Frenchie heart is the happiest. I am going to have to keep this one handy at all times. I want hair color that matches this label too! 

Hanson of Sonoma Organic Vodka: Love that these guys believe in organic sustainable practices and such a sucker for packaging ! Mom will love this, I assure you, especially the boysenberry flavor. dears...this is quite lovely!

And don't forget Las Rachas and Camino and Camino De Navaherreros. I will be talking about those a bit more in a future post about my move! 

I really cannot wait to see how you guys set up your very own picnic so tag me in your photos! And local loves...Ranch Acres houses all of these brands from Provisions so go give them a visit and tell them Scott and Sam sent you! (all pics by Krista Perry

Happy Picnicking my dears!