Friday Five//Tulsa Local Love

One day, I think I'll finally be up to date with the blog and I'll actually manage to pop up a post that hasn't been sitting in drafts for weeks. I had started this idea of my Friday Five featuring my five favorite things or places on my radar months ago and have only published one so far. Yep....insert the monkey emoji covering it's face. And yes, I am aware today is Saturday too. Le Sigh....must get it together Samantha. My day got away from me yesterday. The days, hours, minutes are flying by at the moment. There are days where I simply don't stop working from the moment I wake up, to the very late hour that I go to sleep. But I only put the tiniest dent in my "to-do" list. When I meet up with friends they always exclaim how busy I've been and it's true, things are racing by and I'm just about keeping afloat - though I have my days where all I want to do is hide from the world/emails! 

But as promised, I really do want to get The Friday Five going for you dears and I am here this week on Saturday telling you about five local places in Tulsa (where I live) that I have some serious crushes on. 

First local gem is Amelia's . I wrote a full review last week that you can read here. Was thrilled to try it again with my bestie Jenifer. I'd go as far to say you shouldn't sit anywhere else in a restaurant when a Chef's Table is available. There's something so fun about them that you'd really be missing out on otherwise. But on this particular Wednesday night we decided to sit at a quaint quiet table for two right in front by the window. We needed some serious girl talk catch up time and some privacy. So I know pizza in my world is forbidden on a weeknight but you guys PIZZA!!!! And wine. And friendship! It just goes together. They do the goodest of the good pizzas in the land. They use the best seasonal Italian ingredients to go on top of their thin sourdough bases and their pride of joy wood fired oven to blast things into perfection. I went with Italian .....House Made Spicy Tomato Sausage, Tomato Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella, and Parmesan and it was just divine! 

Do get the smashed beet salad too! (Seared beet, goat cheese, tomato vinaigrette, almonds, and arugula) I cannot get enough of this place. I have a feeling I might be here once a week! 


122 N Boston Ave

Second...American Solera Tap Room..

Off your radar and you can totally thank me later. I adore their patio most of all. (We will soon be welcoming them to the SOBO District too...and lucky me..Burn Co. , Doubleshot, and now an American Solera taproom all in walking distance of my condo?!) Dreams really do come true! I am not really a beer girl but sours are a totally different story. Sour-on-purpose beer is an increasingly popular, if maddeningly overarching, category of drink. The category of “sour ales” includes many distinctive styles made in many different ways. The difference between a lambic and a Berliner Weisse, for instance, or a gueuze and a Gose, couldn’t be greater. Can I just say the Foeder Apricot is life changing....


1801 S. 49th W. Ave.


Third is Josey Records. This was a fave of mine in Dallas. From rows upon rows of new and used vinyl bins to stacks of CDs and new releases, you can find just about anything you're looking for at Josey. So thrilled they are now in Tulsa. If they do not have what you are desperately searching for, they will make an honest effort to find it or special order it for you. You can always check out their live DJ booth where you can catch some great tunes and turntable action on the weekends. Not only does Josey sell used and new vinyl releases, but they also will pay top dollar for your unwanted CDs, records, tapes, and turntables in a friendly fashion. TUL so needed this!


1020 S Rockford Ave

4th is Pure Food and Juice. I have recently raved about Cynthia in my Tulsa Eat Diary last year.  But I have to brag on her a little more. She made the move to Brookside in Center 1 and I just cannot get enough of the airy space. It's become my favorite home office actually. Healthy food is so fun and inventive here, the way it should be! Cynthia's juices, smoothies, and amazing raw menu including deserts that are so scoffable you wouldn't know they was actually good for you. For comfort raw food I really love her Mexican street tacos. They are actually my favorite things on the whole menu. And the smoothie bowls never disappoint. They are also just so pretty..almost too pretty to eat. 


3516 S Peoria

And fifth is Urban Art Lab Studios...

UAL studios is a creative environment of working studio rentals for emerging & established artists located on Admiral Blvd in Kendall Whittier main street district. New collectors (and established collectors) take advantage of the low commission gallery business model that puts local established artists’ work well within reach. I just loved a recent art opening here. We were introduced to so many wonderful artists and their work here. Check out my friend Kat Swearingen's amazing stuff. She is so talented.  I fell in love with the work of Zac Heimdale and I also fell madly in love with a certain Natuzzi chair. Highly recommend you pop in this gem next time you are seeing a film at The Circle.

Urban Furnishings Boutique Natuzzi Italia is nested in UAL. 


2312 E Admiral Blvd

Hope you enjoy this series ! Have a wonderful weekend and as always..thanks for dropping by.