Belgian Street Food,
Beer and Hillbilly Music...

Holy schmokes, do I have the best brunching hole for you! Tulsans can now experience a taste of Belgian in our beloved Boxyard

Whenever someone asks me where to eat near The Boxyard,  I always draw a blank. There are, of course, some good restaurants in the area, but nothing ever instantly springs to mind. UNTIL NOW. And this one place in particular that's going to stick in my mind for some time and one I will definitely be recommending in a flash and that's Wirwar

Wirwar is inspired by all things Belgian and has come to life by  JD McPherson who is a singer/songwriter from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  He was inspired by a pub (the original Wirwar) he frequents in Turnhout, Belgium. Before we get on with the food, let me just start by saying: everything at Wirwar is sooooo freaking cool. From the funky interiors, to the American country music, to the frites, the beers...OMG...the beers - this is a little gem that knows how to draw the crowds in like moths to a flame...

And now to the food. It's safe to say, Jenifer and I felt absolutely no shame in ordering almost the entire menu. And then I took Lin and we had no shame either. When everything sounds so impossibly good, it's cruel to leave one out. Annnd it's a small simple menu so......

Everyone will have their beloved faves that stand out to them, but my recommendations to you?

The Belgian style sausage (Burn Co garlic sausage served with grain mustard for dipping)

The deep fried brussels sprouts

The flemish poutine

The cone of frites

Liege waffles (add the speculoos for goodness sake)

And with so many dipping sauces to chose from, my personal fave is the VEGAN HONKY-TONK SAUCE!!!! I promise you will love it!

Of course indulge in my faves: the farmhouse ale from American Solera and I will never turn down a Peche Lambic. But you go ahead and look at their beer selection with your own eyes here

So my only question to you is when the hell are you going to try Tulsa's only Belgian Honky-tonk?!! 

I will see you there !!! 

SUN-THUR • 11AM-12AM |
FRI & SAT • 11AM-1AM


502 East 3rd Street Unit 31
Tulsa, OK 74120
(918) 900-2239