BBQ Michelada Cocktail Featuring Head Country

There is nothing I find more refreshing on a warm Sunday afternoon than this little Mexican delight called Michelada. It is a concoction of beer, tomato or Clamato juice, lime juice, seasonings and hot sauce served in a spice-rimmed ice-cold glass. It is a known hangover remedy but you certainly don’t need to wait to be hung over to slurp it down. You can omit the tomato or Clamato juice altogether if you prefer. The result will still be delightful.

And if you have been following my posts this week , you will see that I am celebrating National BBQ Month like no other. I shared 3 non traditional recipes using Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce along with planning your own summer soirée. Check it out here.  I also shared a delicious recipe for cocktail meatballs using Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce. Head Country is always my go-to sauce!! And now I am just on a BBQ roll. #cantstopwontstop. I decided to get creative with Head Country's Championship Seasoning in my Michelada recipe. It has the perfect blend of herbs and spices and I am here to tell changer!!!!! Totally going to try the Head Country High Plains Heat next round. 

You guys....highly highly recommend these poolside all summer long!!!!!

BBQ Michelada Cocktail Recipe: 


12-ounces local Mexican beer

1/4 cup Smoky Bloody Mary Mix

 2 teaspoons Head Country Seasoning of your choice mixed with 1 teaspoon of coffee grounds

skewer of pickles



Place 4 tablespoons water in a shallow saucer that is wider than the rim of the pint glass you will be using. Put the seasoning mix in a separate shallow saucer. Dip the rim of the glass into water, then dip the glass straight down into the spice to coat. Fill the glass halfway with ice, then fill three-quarters full with beer, add the Smoky Bloody Mary Mix, and stir with a straw. Garnish with a skewer of pickles.

How simple is this??!??!!

Cannot wait to see what you think of this! 

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