Dinner at Amelia's

Tulsa we love a new restaurant and, with a handful opening pretty often now, it wouldn't be hard to eat at a new place every day if you so pleased. But, if you pick one this coming week and weekend--don't you dare miss out on Amelia's. I must edit my Tulsa Food Guide as Amelia's needs to be on the list.

Amelia's opened just about a month ago give or take near the Guthrie Green. The location is actually pretty fantastic for those wanting delicious food surrounded by many things to do on a weekend night. Tucked in the Brady Art's District, Cain's Ballroom is mere strides away and the Brady Theatre and many fabulous bars are nearby too. With Amelia Eesley and Kevin Snell coming together, you already have the highest expectations. You probably recognize both of these names and faces from Stonehorse Cafe. Amelia has been a restaurant professional for 22 years. A move to New York City to go to college brought other restaurant experiences her way, she got a sense of the way things are done in other cities, and also the knowledge of things that are fundamental to all restaurants and never change.  Along with this she received her degree from the American Musical Dramatic Academy and began a busy and enlightening five years on the stage.  She credits her ability to understand ambiance and set a room with the intention of evoking emotion to her time spent in the theater. Kevin has been working in the restaurant industry for 15 years and Master Chef Francis Mallmann, who cooks only over the open flame, is a major influence of his, and is where he draws many of his menu concepts.   He owes his affinity to fresh ingredients to his father who made it a priority to expose him to the outdoors as much as possible, taking him on annual camping trips to different parts of the rocky mountain range, and along the way they fished and ate their catch daily.  This new wood fire restaurant will unite lovers of wine and introduce you to creatively constructed “Oklahoma Gaucho” cuisine. And I have to say... it's brilliant. Truly one of the most delicious meals I've had in a long time.

Can we also talk about the Noritake china in all different prints?! Mixing china in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do. Such a nice touch that did not go unnoticed Amelia.

And can we talk about the beautiful tiles throughout?! 

The restaurant itself is smart but not stiff, and popular with the Saturday night crowd thanks to its post code. When I arrived, the room was packed full of classy men and women getting their happy hour on as we had a 6:15 reservation. I was glad I dressed up..I mean..what am i saying..I am ALWAYS dressed up but I was happy I was wearing sequins..Okay what I am saying again..I always wear sequins. Never-mind.  Anyhow I didn't feel out of place which is huge because I always feel overdressed in Tulsa. Lin and I were made comfortable immediately by the very accommodating staff even starting outside with the valet guys. Yes they have valet..you know how happy this makes my heart coming from Dallas. We started with a Paloma at the chef's table as we waited for our friends. This is the best seat in the whole restaurant if you ask me too. We got a front-row view of the culinary action the whole night. 

Our starters were beautiful. Our sweet corn fritters with roasted poblano mayo and local greens were simply divine with the perfect blend of flavors, whilst the watermelon salad was incredibly refreshing in these warmer temps. The watermelon is compressed with tequila, queso fresca, mint, and marinated cucumbers. The cast iron corn bread that comes in the bread basket is out of this world fabulous too. Next courses : I ordered the cast iron beef tenderloin with a red wine pan sauce which was all kinds of melt-in-the-mouth delicious. I substituted the parsnip mash for a sweet potato dish that was was just. out. of. this. world. Heaven. Lin ordered the fettuccine which he loved because it was not over the top. Just a simple pasta dish with veggies and he appreciated the simplicity. My friend Michelle did not make a mistake ordering the campfire rainbow trout with wood roasted broccolini, fines herbs, almonds, apricots, and  large flake brewers yeast. This was a popular fave of the crowd as we saw at least two dozen coming out of the kitchen all evening. Michelle's husband ordered our waiter's favorite dish: The crispy achiote pork belly..posole, cilantro, avocado, jalapeño in a mouth watering combo. 

The wood-fire pizzas look uhhhh-mazing and I look forward to trying the house cured spicy cajun ham and pineapple as soon as possible. Many would agree that pineapple should not be on a pizza but I happen to think it belongs there. I have my mom to thank for that one. 

Finally whatever you do, make sure you save room for dessert. We saved room to sample ALL 4 deserts offered but hey..four people, four desserts, right?!  Specifically, make sure you pick the Dulce de Leche Cream Brulee with berries and a chocolate cookie. And the apple fritters with house made ice cream. Holy whoa!!! Okay...the cobbler too! 

A truly sublime meal and one that I would certainly recommend for anyone that really wants some fantastic food with a beautiful atmosphere! And P.S..Bloody Mary's made with tomatillo's...yes please!