Affordable Modern Lighting From Gantri: Meet Zeppelin


We all need to rest, but with space at a premium in modern condos, bedrooms have evolved from simple slumber zones into multi-functional rooms that can be tricky to illuminate. And we still lacked a nice bedside lamp for our guest room.

We do have a gorgeous central ceiling light that casts a good even glow around the entire room that’s perfect for general everyday tasks, such as getting dressed on dark mornings, cleaning and putting away laundry--you know--things of that sort. But how inconvenient for a guest to dive into bed with a great book only to start nodding off but have to get out of the perfect spot and walk across the room to flick the overhead light off. 

So I knew I wanted something for a book lover. Something that balanced a relaxing glow with suitable brightness so vision doesn’t become strained. And of course not only did it need to illuminate the bedroom, but it also needed to be stylish. The piece needed to compliment the overall space, not compete with it. 

And I absolutely was not looking to spend a fortune. The room was already done with Design Within Reach furniture pieces so we really needed to cut some costs here. But of course, did not want to sacrifice quality or design esthetic. 

If you have followed me for a while now you are familiar with Gantri. They are forward-thinking, design-obsessed innovators who are committed to creating original modern designs that are inspired, well made and affordable. They partner with talented established and emerging designers from around the world and help bring their unique visions to life and directly into your home. 

GANTRI principles


You won’t find any copycats or lookalikes here. Every Gantri design is a guaranteed original -— just like you.


It’s all in the details. It’s why we obsess over the quality, consistency and aesthetic of every product. If it doesn’t meet our expectations, it doesn’t ship.


The right fit for you and your space. Our pieces are practically designed to enhance everyday living and experiences.


Let’s make this easy. Get free shipping and returns on every order. Plus, enjoy minimal assembly and fuss-free packaging.

They are reimagining the future of design. Their innovative production process leverages the speed, efficiency and flexibility of 3D printing to create one-of-a-kind products that are better for the world — and your wallet. 

I own The Mellow Fellow and it has been such a fabulous addition so we knew Gantri would be the perfect place to find a light for the guest room. So meet Zeppelin my dears!

A modern classic

In both style and innovation, Zeppelin designed by Chris Granneberg gives a nod to the iconic Nelson Bubble Lamps made popular in 1950s. It features unique rib profiles, smooth curved surfaces and a durable, monolithic form reminiscent of the Bubble Lamp — but made sustainably and without the hefty price tag. This mid-century inspired light casts a warm glow and creates a relaxing ambience — instantly brightening every space and mood. Zeppelin is ideally suited for a cozy living room, bedroom or studio. And it's made sustainable using PLA or renewable corn based material so you know this is right up my alley.

There are three color options too depending on your style! We went with snow! Big surprise, I know. LOL.

And I have also been playing with it in the living room so I might be ordering another.

And Henry certainly approves!

Zeppelin is only $168.00 dollars too making this such a piece everyone can afford. You can pre-order it now and it will begin shipping the week of September 8th-15th. 

Look at their other inventory too! All though Zeppelin is just perfect!

And because I love you I am giving you $20.00 off your first order with Gantri!

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