Crushing On Billy Wolf NYC

So thrilled to be hitting the road soon. Having the strongest desire to get back to the land and reconnect with nature in one of my fave places--Santa Fe--where the sky seems unnaturally blue, and the sunsets unnaturally bright and golden. It’s so beautiful--take-your-breath-away-beautiful. I am forever enchanted over and over by the colors of the Western Skies and the stark white contrast of adobe walls and sun bleached tones surrounding me. I love watching the sunrise and the sunset on that gorgeous adobe. It's like the buildings come alive for a brief moment in time. 

This will be the first time I have traveled to Santa Fe in the winter and in a car. We always have been in the spring and summer on the motorcycle so I am so thrilled to experience it in a new way in a new season. It will be so fun and interesting to go from chasing the best waterfalls, warm and dusty days on the road hunting for the best patios for coffee and green chilé breakfast burritos to lazy afternoons cuddling up watching the snow reading and writing and some sweet whiskey late nights by the fire. And of course, the all-important silver-and-turquoise embellishments and a camera to snap it all.

We also decided to take our two pups, Melvin and Henry. The last time they took a trip with us was in Colorado Springs ages ago and technically they were there enrolled in a month long obedience program. So I am so excited for them to experience a new place just as little adventurers and travel companions.  

So when choosing some bandanas for the boys from Billy Wolf, it was a no brainer to go with their Haywood bandana. They will look so perfect walking along Canyon Road.

I am so drawn to colorful and exotic tapestries and textiles of the Southwestern landscape and the Haywood is just that. 

The Haywood bandana is a southwestern stripe made of 100% linen.

The original Billy Wolf bandana is a traditional square bandana created to fit all breeds. Small / medium will fit a wide range of breeds and classic is our largest size and best for the big dogs.

And I totally borrow Henry's as it's perfect to wear as a kerchief or to tie onto one of my totes or hats. 

And gentlemen, do not feel left out because the small/medium will fold perfectly into a pocket square. 

Billy Wolf: Fine K-9 Coatery is an American heritage dog clothing company founded in 2010. The founder created the first Billy Wolf coat from a vintage blanket when she found there was nothing in the dog clothing market that suited her (and her dog's) classic style. Drawing inspiration from authentic Americana roots, each Billy Wolf product is as exceptional as the dog that wears it. 

All of their coats and bandanas are made vintage, dead stock, and American-made fabrics and finished with salvaged buttons and handcrafted labels in New York City. They source vintage and dead stock items for the unique yet classic look it yields and to minimize waste. They find that handmade goods from quality fabric provide a durability that stands up to mild-mannered and rowdy canines alike. By using existing resources and creating long-lasting quality goods, they hope to contribute to a more sustainable future for both humans and dogs. 

And I am so obsessed. 

It makes me so happy to know every piece in their collections will end up in someones wardrobe, (humans and dog) somewhere around the world, and possibly live there for years. Each print tells a story to me. 

The boys now have three Billy Wolf Bandana's and they are just timeless beauties. 

Your sweet four legged friends and you need one !


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(Thank you so much for the scarves Billy Wolf. )