Energizing Matcha Margarita Recipe

What is it about “Matcha Green” that makes absolutely everything so damn dreamy? This drink took me to serenity, another place, a place for my mind to wander off into the depths of a beautiful daydream!!

The warmer it is getting in Oklahoma, the more we’re all vibing on Spring and Summer!

Enjoy this amazing mocktail! Or hey make it a cocktail!!!




  1. Fill glass with ice.

  2. Add a half ounce of agave nectar.

  3. Whisk a half scoop of matcha powder in a matcha bowl with one ounce water and three ounces cashew cream. Blend until frothy and dissolved.

  4. Add one-and-a half ounces of Agalima Organic Margarita Mix

  5. Add one-and-a-half ounces of silver tequila. (optional)

  6. Pour into shaker and shake vigorously.

  7. Pour contents into cocktail glass and garnish with mint sprig and straw. Enjoy!

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