Getting Fit & Going Green With WEYV

This post was sponsored by The Newsette Network and WEYV but all words and opinions are my own.


The weather is finally showing signs of spring and living right by a gorgeous trail alongside the river, well, I love to take advantage of that and get outdoors. 

Walking, running, and riding my bicycle are some of my fave things to do in pretty weather. All though running is definitely one of those exercises I have a love-hate relationship with. LOL!

All of these exercises get my heart rate up and give me a boost of endorphins all day long. And it’s definitely a challenge to wake up in the morning and hit the pavement. It’s taken a bit of practice but I actually look forward to this time. I try to get out there daily along with my Pilates so that I have a well-rounded workout routine.

And when it comes to gearing myself up for a jog or a bike ride I believe that a good playlist can make all the difference. Music is a great distraction and makes me so much less aware of my physical exertion. We all have that one song that just gets us excited no matter how we may feel or where we are at--you know that song that just gets your mind right and puts you in the zone. I have been listening to Rostam-Gravity Won't Pull Me on repeat lately--like over and over and over again.

So I just found the raddest ad-free, subscription-based app service that allows me to listen to music, read magazines and (soon) watch visual content in one app!

And every time you listen to a song in the WEYV  app they will make a charitable donation. Say whaaaaat??! 

I will TOTES Listen for a Cause...

WEYV will contribute 0.5% of their revenue to a charity selected by or on behalf of that artist.The more you listen to an artist, the more that charity will benefit. 

The fact that you can simultaneously listen to music while reading the latest issue of your favorite magazine---I MEAN!!

I utilize WEYV on-demand to build customized playlists for everything and even create my own radio stations with WEYV’s unique editing options that allow me to be my own DJ!

WEYV unifies magazines and music in one easy app , making it seamless to read, listen, and share content all in one place instead of switching between different apps/services. Also, unlike other streaming services, you can choose between different WEYV subscriptions to find one that best fits your lifestyle and budget. Plus, all WEYV subscriptions allow up to 25 people on the plan. So not only is this so amazing for your sweat sesh but it's the perfect travel companion too. I love to catch up on all the latest gossip in those magazines on my flights so it's just a win win. 

But I have felt tremendous amounts of guilt every time I purchase those magazines in the airport gift shop because it's just wasteful consumption. I love that WEYV  is making their service sustainable. Digital magazines play such a huge role in the fight against paper-waste and deforestation and in a world facing major climate and resource crisis, every effort to reduce wastefulness is important.

And with WEVY  you have access to the worlds top magazines like People, Real Simple, and Entertainment Weekly. Plus they are accessible offline – so I can save my precious data. I just download and access music and magazines in advance.


So just to recap how the music portion of the app works....

 Personalizing your music On the WEYV apP.

  • Build your own private playlist or collaborate and build playlists with family and friends
  • Explore new tunes through WEYV’s song recommendation engine and add them to your playlist
  • Build custom stations by including/excluding multiple artists, songs and genres
  • Refine custom stations by setting percentage of songs played by an artist and popularity (this feature is my favorite) 
  • Easily download playlists and stations to listen offline
  • Share stations, playlists, albums and individual songs with other WEYV users

One of my fave features is that you can share your love of music and reading with WEYV Notes.  Lin and I are so into this! 

So now I can share a song, playlist, station, reading list, or awesome article with him and our email inboxes do not get congested. I made him a playlist the other day for his walk as he is so not the music savvy person. If that's not romance, I don't know what is!

I just cannot even begin to tell you how much this app simplifies my life and lessens my carbon footprint.

Melvin loves streaming music too!

Melvin loves streaming music too!

I am so passionate about it that I have teamed up with WEYV to give my readers 2 whole months free!!!!!!! (no credit card required) Just use promo code MAKEWEYVS18 and enjoy it!! Grab it here

Cannot wait to hear what you think in the comments below.