Getting To Know Carley From Modern Mess

MODERN MESS /mädərn mes/: The Modern Mess tests the boundaries of fashion. She dresses according to her mood and uses her style as a second language. She is cool and confident while embracing her imperfections, and is not afraid of taking risks.

Carley Johnson is a go-to-girl for everything fashion. This Tulsa based apparel maven is discussing what makes a great Bon Voyage, styling tips, and of course we had to talk about Samson!!

Cannot wait for you to get to know Carley a tad bit more!


-Packing philosophy?

Make a bulleted list of essentials, pack it, check it off...fill the rest with fun, and leave room for shopping!!!

-Most important thing in your carry on?


-Room with the best view?

No view will ever beat a tent in the mountains. Yes, this girl camps!!

-Plane. Train or automobile?

Automobile...I love driving! Old/small/abandoned  towns are so fascinating to me. 

-Airport shop guilty pleasure?

Benefit Cosmetics vending machine gets me every time. Or anywhere with candy...I am 5 years old.

-Fave foreign phrase?

c'est la vie

-I can't leave the _______________ without ______________?

I can't leave the grocery store without cookie mix!

-The one thing I buy everywhere?

Clothing in general...I love seeking out local boutiques everywhere I go! For some weird reason I always find killer jumpsuits every time I travel!

-Next place you would like to visit?

San Francisco

-Best part about coming home?

Seeing my doggo <3


-Your beautiful boutique?! How did you come up with the name (Mod Mess) and when did you know it was your dream?!

I came up with the name sitting in my messy dorm room in college wondering if I could ever get my sh*t together and grow up! HA! I knew it was my dream but I didn't think I would pursue it for another 10 years or so, then I wrote a business plan for my senior capstone and followed through with the concept right after graduation!

-A day in the life of Carley?!

Wake up to Samson licking my face, go to the gym (this is a new thing and it's killing me), walk Samson, eat waffles, get ready for work, post something silly to @mymodmess Insta story, do work (fun) stuff, go home, watch something ridiculous on Bravo, eat something (usually pizza or pasta), drink a glass of wine -- snuggle with Samson, put up laundry...go to bed. :) 

-A day in the life of Samson?!

What I would give to be Samson for a day! -- Wake up licking Carley's face, steal Carley's socks to get her out of bed, go for a walk, find stick of the day, carry it all the way back home only for it to get taken away, go to work, be cute for 8 hours hiding under clothes and napping on my blanket behind the desk, go home, play with hedgehog toy & bone, play with food, snuggle with Carley while she drinks grape juice ;) ;) --go to bed! 


-Fave things in Mod Mess right now?!

Definitely the sunglasses! We are fully embracing the small sunnies trend and LOVING IT! Bringing back the 90s one pair at a time <3

-What are you adding to the shop for summer ?!!

Oh boy.. I am really branching into home decor and gifty things. I found the cutest line Plum + Punch that resembles Modern Mess so well! Also..prepare for the cutest spring/summer dresses you ever did see, and more shoes!! There's also a 70s-esque all denim jumpsuit I'm WAITING ever so patiently to come in April (heart eyes).

-Most memorable Client experience that you will never forget ?

Wow.. I have the most amazing clients. One I will never forget is the sweetest gal who came to me asking for advice for her senior prom. I got to do a special order for her and pick out her dress! We found one and when it came in and it fit PERFECTLY! She was so excited and so was I. I felt like we won prom together. And life. 

-Creative ways to style spring summer clothes ? 

So I'm really diggin' fun pants/skirts with a more basic top. And you can't go wrong with a good set! Pair it with some trendy sunnies and you might as well be famous ;). Oh, and the color RED. Seriously everything to me right now. 


-What are you listening to RIGHT now ? 

Bad Bad News - Leon Bridges --- ON REPEAT. 

-Wearing ?

Some dark blue denim mom jeans with a white cropped t-shirt, statement earrings, & silver boots! 


-Styling tips for someone in their 20’s, 30’s ?! 

Why so serious? Lose the worry about what other people think and WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD! Trends come and go, but style is forever. Experiment and embrace the hits & misses! If people are staring they're most likely admiring.

-Styling tips for over 40 ? 

Pop some color & bring some classic patterns into your wardrobe! For example: Find yourself a houndstooth check pant and pair it with a mauve or mint top. Don't be afraid to embrace trends as they come! Have FUN!

-Your fave thing in your closet that you will own until you die ?

A green, tropical floral blazer with shoulder pads. It was one of the first pieces I ordered for Mod Mess and holds a special place in my heart <3.


-How do you want to be remembered ?

I would love to be remembered as the crazy poodle lady fashionista who pursued her dream and took risks along the way; The Modern Mess ;)! 

-Fave things about Tulsa ?!

The people are #1. And the passion to shop local! Midtown/Downtown will charm me forever. And I love our arts/music scene. Cain's Ballroom has my heart. So many amazing memories made in this pretty little city. I love watching it thrive as it deserves to!

So honored to call Carley a friend! And so delighted some of my favorite pieces are from her cute little shop!!!