Going Green With Paperless Post

This post is sponsored by Paperless Post but all opinions are mine alone. 

All month I have been sharing some ways you can celebrate Earth Month and aim to follow the motto “everyday is Earth Day!” And today I am so excited to share my experience with Paperless Post.

A few months ago I had received a dinner party invitation IN MY INBOX and it was so incredibly beautiful. I immediately knew it was a Rifle Paper beauty as I am obsessed with pretty much anything Anna Bond touches. Her signature, hand-painted botanicals have made her the darling of the stationery world since 2009. Anna's beloved flora, fauna, and doll-faced figures radiate a sense of whimsy and charm. SWOON. I instantly of course RSVP'd "Oui" to the Frenchie Soireè and then stalked the Paperless Post site and was blown away by the gorgeous Rifle Paper extensive collection.

In no particular order, some that really struck me are...

/ september violets. (Hands down, my favorite) Those bright flowers are just so dang pretty! 

/ vivid blooms.  Quintessential Rifle. 

/ citrus orchard.  Makes me want to watch Call Be By Your Name and tour Italy.

/ royal elephant. So fun and whimsical. 

/tea tree. Simple and elegant. 

/ egret garden. Bohemian dream! 

Just look at how pretty these are!

Anyway this digital invite was professionally printed, came in a lined envelope and levitated itself out of the envelope once it was opened. Seriously!!! It was so special and I loved having a fun little something in my inbox vs mailbox. They are stunning--nothing like Evite. 

I archived that baby! 

So when Paperless Post reached out to me I was so excited to partner with them for Earth Month. The process is so simple and I know you are going to love it too. In this day in age, who has time to track down 100 home addresses?!  I feel like whenever I need to send someone something I have to ask for their addy completely ruining the surprise anyway. And then you have to get stamps and waste time in the post office. It's just such an exhausting process, plus my penmanship is horrible. 

Soooooo here's how easy it is!!!

First go to the Paperless Post website and choose your type of card that you want to send. You can customize online (and paper cards) and invitations that reflect your personal style—for weddings, holidays, birthdays, birth announcements and other important occasions. Really the sky is the limit here. You can even send a "just because' to your sweetie or a "thinking of you' to your bestie. Once you have chosen your design, you will be able to customize it--colors, fonts, font sizes etc. You can also add an image! (Hello Melvin and Henry making their annual Christmas card appearance) 

(Those are some cards I sent yesterday)

Once you decide on the final look for your eco conscience card, you can then choose an envelope--one of the coolest parts in my opinion. Since the envelope front is what appears in the recipient’s inbox, these details can make all the difference. The choices made on those customizations also appear in the animation when the recipient opens the card. I love playing with the various liners. Details matter to me! I am so picky like that.

 Of course  I love the idea of just sending a card but Paperless Post also makes it easy to collect RSVPs or information, or links to a separate website like your gift registry, wish list, or social media event keeping things so organized. 

You also get tracking on the things you send so you know when your card was opened! (ohhh so good for the I am sorry card)

After you’ve set all your details and you are feeling pretty good about your design, you can send test emails to yourself to be positive. The email will contain a version of your card to proof. The email your recipients receive will show the exterior details you selected, and then once they click the card it will open. Once you’re certain the content, layout, and details of your card design are right you can send the emails to your entire mailing or contact list. The coin rate is listed per card, so calculating your expenses for Christmas cards or dinner party invitations just got a whole lot easier! .

The email distribution page is straightforward. You enter the name you’d like your cards to be sent from (“the Bacons”, “Lin and Sam”, “The Miller Family”, etc.), the subject you’d like to go in the email, and then load the email addresses you’d like to send to. You can add emails individually, import files, or link your address book for maximum convenience. You can also schedule it so the emails can go out on a certain date/time, so if you’re trying to really get a head start on those holidays cards! I love this part so much if I am traveling! I never have to miss anyone's birthday again! And forget the predicatble facebook birthday message--goodness, have we really become that impersonal?! I am so over that!

Oh and I love that your loved ones can shoot a message back to you!

Here's one from my silver fox!


I just absolutely adore Paperless Post and cannot wait to use them for everything now.

You all have to check it out for yourselves!!!