Healing Bone Broth Breakfast Smoothie Featuring Bonafide Provisions

This post is sponsored by Bonafide Provisions but all opinions and words are my own.

Bone broth smoothies are a perfect way to get some extra goodness into your smoothies, especially in the summer when you feel too hot to drink as a broth. (Could it be any more humid outside..ugh..I hate this weather!) I’ve been adding broth into our smoothies this week to help Lin’s tummy conditions. It’s been a crazy two weeks in urgent care, and even the emergency room and even have a surgery consult today. What a month. Between being in Houston for two weeks dealing with Lin’s mom’s home and belongings now that she has moved into assisted living and now this..well needless to say August cannot get here soon enough because guess what?! Today is the last day of Mercury being in Retrograde. Praise hands please!! LOL!

Anyway these bone broth smoothies are a perfect option for kids that aren’t keen on drinking the broth as is. And when I say kids, yes, I am referring to Lin! HA! If he knew there was bone broth in his smoothie-he would not even drink them so shhhh, do not tell!!!

I personally love sipping bone broth daily because it’s beneficial for the joints and digestive system! It’s also amazing for your skin because it’s packed with so much collagen and I am on a mission to look as young and youthful as long as I can.

I recently learned that TRUE bone broth is frozen ! Who knew?!! Freezing locks in flavor and preserves nutrients at their peak and it’s the ONLY way that you can store bone broth without preservatives, shelf-stabilizers or processing. Insert Bonafide Provisions!!

Excited to share the recipe I use!! But use your imagination and make a variety of combinations with non-dairy milks/coconut water, fruits, nut butters, cacao powder – the list is truly endless.

Bone Broth Smoothie Recipe


  • 2 bananas

  • 4 pitted dates

  • Handful of strawberries

  • Approx 3 spoons of frozen bone broth

  • Approx a cup of non-dairy milk (we use Oat Milk)


Add all ingredients to a high powdered blender until smooth consistency

Pour and enjoy!


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