Inspiring Any Space While Encouraging Creativity With George And Willy

A new home is a big reason to celebrate, and what better way to do it than with a thoughtful housewarming gift? Whether your friend just finished moving in to her new apartment or your brother recently turned the key on his first house, everyone appreciates a small sentiment that shows you were thinking about them during such a momentous time. We often think about a housewarming gift for a new living space but what about celebrating the times our friends and loved ones embark on a new business adventure opening up a new coffee shop or restaurant? Even the friend who lands a promotion and gets a new corner office all to himself on the 18th floor?! These moments are just as big and I am so excited to share George And Willy with you today for these grand occasions in life like my friend finishing his new awesome mid century modern recording studio in his house! These moments are HUGE my dears and should be celebrated!!

A lot of ideas and brainstorming happen in a recording space and I knew the George and Willy Studio Roller would be the perfect gift! The Studio Roller is simple and functional and crafted from powder-coated aluminium. The wall mounted Studio Roller easily dispenses kraft paper so you can plan your day or get creative. You can purchase this in black or white and it fits universal kraft rolls. But if you wish to receive a paper roll with your order, please select 'Paper: YES' in the drop down menu on the right on their site!

It looks so good in the studio you guys!!!!! It was the most thoughtful perfect gift for inspiring the space and encouraging creativity!!!

Take a look!

Now I am convinced every entrepreneur needs one!


Born from necessity.

Bright ideas usually come to light when you're having fun and making something you'd like and need for yourself. Ever since meeting on a ski slope in their adolescence, it's been these ideals that have motivated George Wilkins and Will McCallum to begin and grow design studio George and Willy.


The right idea.

The George and Willy brand began with a model helicopter the duo made for a university design paper. The model helicopter let to a lamp and this led to a trestle table for said lamp. When their friends wanted to buy all of the above, they realized that what they wanted, others wanted too.


Inspiring our space and yours.

Without being driven by trends, George and Willy expanded their lineup, adhering to a 'buy once, buy well' ethos, always designing with the idea that what they make should inspire any space and encourage creativity. The Studio Roller, now a cult item, was born out of the need for a place in the workshop to note their ideas and goals.


Have fun.

Today, they continue with a design aesthetic that favors functionality and simplicity. Every George and Willy product is designed to elevate your space, be simple to use and to wear in and not out. Above all, it's about having fun. Better Ways to Display.

Transform your space now! Or gift something from George and Willy so a friend or loved one can transform their space!!!