Juicing With Garden Of Flavor

I have partnered with Garden Of Flavor to make every morning of mine look just like this one. When it comes to what many would consider the most important habit of them all (breakfast), I just wasn’t a believer. I am really not all that hungry in the morning. In fact, I typically have a lot of energy during the morning hours when I have nothing but coffee and skipping breakfast meant I could skimp on calories in the morning, “saving” them for later in the day when my body felt much hungrier. Anyway, it seemed to be working fine… until it wasn’t anymore. Vowing to never skip breakfast again and Garden of Flavor makes it so easy with their delicious nutritious organic Cold-Pressed Juices and Cold-Pressed Energy. They use ingredients like wheatgrass, turmeric, and aronia berries just to name a few. I feel so good getting my #MeanGreens in first thing!

These superfoods just fuel my body and give me so much good energy so I can conquer anything the day brings me. Mean Greens helps keep my body in an alkaline state. Plus these are the BEST green juices I have ever tasted and I love that Lisa keeps everything at about 100 calories per juice except for the Nut Mylk. (OMG-the nut mylk is so good..it reminds me of Horchata) 

Here are the benefits for making time for a quick juice in the a.m.

  1. -Keeps blood sugar levels even (this has been the biggest effect I’ve seen.)
  2. -Helps me to not overeat later in the afternoon (because calorie deprivation equals extreme hunger.)
  3. -Encourages smarter food choices at lunch since I’m not famished and wildly reaching for the first thing I see. 

I pulled a few FAQ's off Lisa's website for Garden of Flavor.

Why organic, cold-pressed, never heated juices?

One of the best benefits of juicing is that it concentrates all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll of the vegetables and fruit into the juice. However, it also concentrates any pesticides and herbicides that may have been used during the growing process. In order to make the healthiest juices, we only use USDA certified organic produce.

Our juices are never heated or cooked, so they retain all of the living, breathing enzymes, chlorophyll and oxygen our bodies crave. Cold pressing, with slow pressure, extracts the maximum amount of juice, nutrients and enzymes from the organic produce. This allows your body to easily and instantly absorb all of the healthy goodness.

What are “green drinks” and why are they so good for me?

Green drinks are packed with nutrients, enzymes and chlorophyll found in green vegetables that are so vital to our well-being. Our Mean Green juice has nearly 5 pounds of green vegetables per bottle, including dark, leafy greens such as kale, spinach, parsley and romaine. With Green Harmony we added a hint of delicious apple to our dark, leafy green juice as well as over 1 billion deliverable probiotic cultures to support digestive and immune health.

What if I don’t want to cleanse but just want to add juice to my weekly routine?

We discuss the Garden of Flavor Juice Cleanse below. If you want to fully realize the benefits of juicing, we recommend at least one bottle of Garden of Flavor juice per day. In fact, because all of our juices have their own unique benefits, it is best to have a little variety during the week. We suggest a green drink, either Mean Green, Green Harmony every single day, a Twisted Roots juice twice or more per week and a few of your other favorite Garden of Flavor juices throughout the week. This allows you to benefit from the healthy goodness from all of our juices.

What if I am lactose intolerant?

We don't tolerate lactose either, so we make sure that it is not in any of our juices or nut mylks.

Are Garden of Flavor juices gluten free?

All of our juices and nut mylks are gluten free.

Once I open a bottle of juice how long will it last?

All of our juices include a “best by” date, but once opened you should drink them within 24 hours.

What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is designed to reset and rejuvenate your body while giving it a break from digesting solid foods. During the Cleanse, you only drink the juices and cut out all other foods and beverages, other than drinking plenty of water or green tea. The Cleanse also helps to flush out toxins, preservatives and “junk” that our bodies are exposed to every day. The Garden of Flavor One-Day Juice Cleanse is made up 6 juices: Goji Pineapple, Green Harmony, Mean Green, Twisted Roots, White Knight and Turmeric Tonic and we recommend you drink each bottle in the order designated on each juice label. Each One Day Juice Cleanse contains the benefits of nearly 20 pounds of vegetables, fruits and nuts and has over 1,200 calories, 34 grams of plant based protein and also includes our Turmeric Tonic which provides over 1 billion probiotic cultures. For more information, visit our Why Cleanse page.

Why should I cleanse and how long should I cleanse?

Cleansing is personal. Whether it is to kick start a new healthy lifestyle, fit into that sexy black dress this weekend or just to feel and look better, a juice cleanse helps to reset and rejuvenate so that you can balance both your mind and body.

Juicing and cleansing has been around for hundreds of years- it has just taken a long time for people to realize the benefits. Because cleansing and the reasons for doing so vary from person to person, the timing and duration of a cleanse is dependent upon many factors. First and foremost, if you have any health concerns, such as diabetes or if you are pregnant, you should consult a physician before cleansing. It is true that a cleanse is a very effective method to lose weight, but if you are considering using a cleanse in order to lose more than 20 pounds you should first seek the advice of a physician.

If you are new to cleansing we recommend a one, two or three day cleanse so that you get an idea of how it works and how you feel. After your first cleanse you will be able to determine what is best for you. Many of our regular cleansers have a cleanse schedule – one day a week, three consecutive days a month or one week with the change of seasons. Of course you can always enjoy a Garden of Flavor juice cleanse whenever you want to look and feel your best. It’s up to you.

Will I lose weight?

The potential for weight loss during the Cleanse depends on the individual and their lifestyle and eating habits prior to a cleanse. If you are relatively healthy and in good shape, you likely will not lose much weight but will release toxins feel lighter and get rid of bloat. If you are overweight and need to change your eating habits and lifestyle, a cleanse is a great way to start and you will likely lose weight.

How do I prepare for a cleanse and what do I do during my cleanse?

Have a glass of warm lemon water when you first wake up, followed shortly by your first cleanse juice. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Thereafter, drink the juices in the order recommended on the label (Juice #) every 2 - 2.5 hours or whenever you begin feeling hungry. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as this assists the cleansing process.

Do I need to stay near a bathroom when I am cleansing?

No, although you may experience more frequent urination

Can I drink coffee and eat during the cleanse?

The cleanse is most effective when you refrain from coffee and solid foods. If you aren't going to cut out coffee completely after your cleanse, at least cut down on the amount you drink during your cleanse, or try drinking green tea instead. If you find that you are hungry during your cleanse and just have to eat, try adding another juice to your cleanse, Goji Pineapple or White Knight are best since they have more protein and will help you feel full. If that isn't enough, eat soft fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, avocado or mango. Remember, one of the benefits of your cleanse is to give your body a break from the digestive process necessary with solid foods.

How do I end the cleanse?

End your cleanse gradually by eating soft fruits and vegetables for a day or two after the cleanse and then slowly incorporate more solid foods back into your diet. For best results, use the cleanse to kick start a new lifestyle and leave the processed foods at the supermarket.

So incredibly happy to have found these amazing juices!!! They were shipped to me overnight and have been the best juice experience I have ever experienced!!!! Give it a try for yourself! Order here


Garden of Flavor founder Lisa is a Certified Holistic Educator through the State University of New York, SUNY Purchase College. She is also certified through the Lifestyle Medicine Institute in Loma Linda, California, as a Coronary Health Improvement Project program director, as well as a Raw Food Chef. She is certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.