Luxurious Alternative Garden Appliances//Garden Glory

We design luxury garden appliances and stylish outdoor decoration to help our customers express their own personal style.
“Be bold. Be unique. Try hard, or don’t try at all.
Stand out. Give in. Liberate yourself.
Go smart. Go sophisticated. Go too far.
In every aspect of your life. Be who you are.
— Garden Glory

Happy Sunday my dears!!

I am so excited to share a brand from Sweden that I recently stumbled on! Let’s just say I am adding “Gardener” to my resume! I currently live in a condo but know that it won’t be forever and I am dreaming of the day Lin and I have a home somewhere else! And you better bet this home will have a pool and a beautiful garden and of course my garden appliances will need to be just as fabulous and me and my home!!!! (all about that self love lately…it feels really good too)

You all most definitely need to know about Garden Glory, especially if you agree that details matter-like me!

I loved Garden Glory’s story so much so here it is straight from their website.



“The idea came to me when we moved into our very first house on the Swedish west coast.

To see the house was to love it. Charming and inviting, it had a lovely patio and a stunning garden. A wonderful outdoor environment where we could see ourselves surrounded by the warmth of friends and family.

But then I spotted it – that dull green garden hose, with its orange connectors and rusty wall bracket that just screamed “Ugly! Ugly! Ugly!”. It pulled me from my daydream.

We decided to buy the house on one condition: the garden hose had to find a new home. My suggestion: in the garbage … I set out to buy a new hose.

I searched everywhere for a finer one – with a white tube, perhaps, which I thought would match the house perfectly.
And everywhere it was the same sad story: green, green, green and orange, and giant ugly wall mounts. 


But I just couldn’t let go of the idea of a white garden hose. I really wanted one. So I dug deeper and found – to my surprise – that stylish garden hoses simply didn’t exist. How could it be that no one made them?
Especially since, judging from the garden blogs and forums, there was a huge demand.

So I decided to do it myself. I was now on a mission: to design luxurious alternative garden appliances. And Garden Glory was born.” -Linda Brattlöf, founder + owner

I was gifted the amazing Garden Glove Silverbullet gardening gloves! (they come in gold too and are available in 3 different sizes) This garden glove are not only gorgeous, it is also designed to fit your hand perfectly. The stretchy PU synthetic leather makes the garden glove flexible like a second skin. Linda came up with the idea for the gloves at a catwalk where a model was wearing gloves with golden detailing. She contacted a company that made horse-riding gloves to get the right fit. The elegant brass button gives the gloves an exclusive look while the PU synthetic leather is so stretchy and makes them dirt and water repellent. And the adjustable wrist tab makes them easy to put on and take off.

I was also gifted the large Watering Can in a beautiful rose color. The beautiful diamond watering can will be the crown jewel of any garden. Either as a stand-alone centerpiece, or as the one object that ties the garden together. Like a giant diamond this precious watering can will spoil your plants with water and love. The diamond shape makes the watering can look pretty even if its big and can carry a lot of water. The watering can comes in two sizes, a big for outdoors and a smaller version for indoors.

Gorgeous, Right?!

You must check out their extraordinary wall mounted hose holders and the stunning bird feeders!!!!

I am literally so obsessed with every single thing!!