Making Your Bedroom Feel Like Your Fave Hotel Room And Keeping It Green

All month I have been sharing some ways you can celebrate Earth Month and aim to follow the motto “everyday is Earth Day!” over on my Instagram and today I am celebrating a non toxic bedroom makeover with Skylar Body and Cariloha Tulsa

I have been on a long journey to improve my health by reducing my exposure to toxics; and lowering my environmental footprint too. (working on removing plastics from my life next)

We use green cleaning supplies, green beauty products, compost, use cloth napkins and bags--I mean, we do not even have a garbage disposal.  But as I sit in my home, I know there is so much more I could be doing. So obviously it can feel and be incredibly overwhelming to do everything all at once so I started with the master bedroom. This has been the one room that tends to get the least bit of attention because nobody really sees it except Lin and I. I have tried to make it feel like such a sanctuary but have come up short. I love the feeling of staying in a fabulous swanky hotel-when a room is so cozy you never want to leave it. (we actually have been on vacay and extended our trip to just relax in the room--true story) That's the feeling I want for our master suite. I mean there IS nothing better than sinking into a hotel bed after a day of exploring …aside from returning to your own bed at home after a long trip, I suppose. So what if you could combine the luxury of a hotel stay with the comfort of your own space--and keep things green???!! Well--you can and you should! We are already feeling better after just incorporating two things-bedding and home fragrance.

Invest in GREAT Bedding

A great mattress and high quality bedding are so important to create your cozy sanctuary and get that beauty sleep. Most fabulous hotels never skimp on bedding! 

Cariloha has the softest bedding on the planet ! And switching to bamboo sheets was the best decision I have ever made. Their sheets are softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, you can’t get much softer than that my dears. They are specially weaved for luxury softness and extreme durability. With expertly tailored box-stich seams and 18” deep pockets, these sheets are the most comfortable on the planet. They  are also 3 degrees cooler than other non bamboo fabrics and carry thermal regulating properties to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They also wick moisture away ... um hellloooo menopause anyone ?! With odor and allergy-resistant properties, Cariloha bamboo sheets smell fresher and last longer than cotton sheets. Both the classic and resort sheets are easy to care for and are machine washable. Annnnnnnd they are green. Bamboo is an extremely renewable source ! Cariloha sheets are high quality and produced in an environmentally sustainable way which was EXACTLY what I was searching for. (They also have a 90 day free trail too so if you do not LOVE the sheets, they will honor a full refund)

Loving the graphite color too. It's such a nice contrast to the bright room. 

The other ingredients for the perfect hotel-style bed? A variety of pillows. Cariloha makes some great ones! They also have duvet covers, duvet comforters, and blankets. Check that out here. You just have to get into the store to feel these things!! 

Oh and try to make your bed every single morning! For me, it really just sets the tone of my day. And have you ever checked into a hotel with an unmade bed??

In honor of Earth Day today please enjoy 20% off your purchase at Cariloha Tulsa in Utica Square. They are having a great event on Earth Day this weekend so pop over and say hi to the amazing team. Tell them you are a Go French Yourself reader for your discount! 

And if you cannot make the event— don’t fret! 

From now until the end of June you can always get your 20% off with my discount code at the Tulsa location! Just tell them you are a Go French Yourself reader! 

Invest in Consciously crafted, paraffin-free, soy coconut candles for your home

Candles are scientifically proven to soothe us. The gentle, mesmerizing quality of their light makes them a perfect aid for any relaxation routine. They always transform my mood. Candles are scientifically proven to soothe us. And a scented candle offers additional benefits. We all have our trigger scents!  By choosing a scent we find relaxing, or a scent known for its calming properties, you can enhance your non toxic bedroom makeover experience. I am a big fan of Skylar Body  and love their perfumes (even using them as room sprays) and have been dreaming of them launching a candle line.

And today they did!!!

Happy birthday Skylar Body Home Fragrance

Why you will love these candles.

  1. They are clean-burning

  2. Eco-friendly, cruelty-free, soy-coconut wax candles made with non-lead wicks and non-toxic ingredients (phthalate-free and para n-free)

  3. 4 signature scents for any space and style

  4. Designed to be the perfect complement to your home (and your bar) with their dual purpose glass (that’s right, the empty candle can be used as a cocktail glass) 

  5. Vegan and consciously crafted by hand in LA

My favorites are Isle and Meadow. 

Isle has such a fresh clean scent that instantly puts me in vacay mode. She was inspired by the purity of water and the ease of a day spent near the ocean so it makes sense. I just love the sandalwood in it! 

Meadow was inspired by enticing dreamers and doers and this scent has notes of tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom that bring natural, flower- filled beauty into the home. The light and flirty scent embodies everything I adore about flowers without being overly fragrant.

They will burn for 50 hours too!

To celebrate their launch they are offering a free gold candle trimmer valued at $16 to everyone who purchases a candle today for their launch!

Shop here!!! 

Cheers to better sleep! And breathing easy, love!

What are you doing to lessen your carbon footprint this month?! And every month moving forward?!


Thank you for sponsoring this post Cariloha Tulsa and Skylar Body.