It’s no secret that I love female entrepreneurs!! Just look at past Q & A's

And I have been spending quite a bit of time with Jeana from The Naked Bean. We met when she was a client of my consignment business that I had a few years ago and it just made zero sense why we hadn't partnered yet on a collaboration. I think the delay was she makes earrings and well, my ears are not pierced but when I found out Jeana could customize clip earrings for me, it was a no brainer. Plus she can make longer styles too that you can actually see between all this hair I have!! 

Jeana has such an incredible story and it's been so fun getting to know her fully!  She is always direct, and honest. She always tells it like it is, doesn’t dwell, and instead always moves forward. So inspired by Jeana, I returned home and started brainstorming a shoot location and knew I wanted to feature her on Go French Yourself.  Jeana has a story to tell and a refreshing, direct approach to dealing with the hardest curveballs life throws at you and I have a feeling she will share more on that at a later time. There is a lot more to Jeana than pom pom earrings and a killer wardrobe. She can knock a curveball out of the park. But for now we chat all about all things jewelry in this fun Q& A below!  We have a giveaway for you too so make sure to enter at the end of this post or on Instagram.

Q & A With The Naked Bean: 

-What is it about jewelry that makes it your passion?

I love the way jewelry makes you feel. I love that jewelry can bring out your personality without a word. Many jobs or career choices have dress codes and wearing jewelry allows you to express yourself while still maintaining your careers dress code.

-What projects are you currently working on? What are you excited about?

Currently I am moving to the Arts District, working on some new designs, and also getting prepared to start whole selling. I’m excited about ALLLLLL of it !!

-Tell me about your personal jewelry collection . Do you have any fave pieces ?

My personal collection is filled with pieces I made just for myself. A lot of times I will make something for an occasion or specific outfit out of something I already have made. 

-Fave place to treasure hunt .. city , store, website ? 

Upscale Resale any City. Poshmark is my online go-to and any of my friend 's Depop shops!

-What’s in store for the future ?

I am working towards being completely sustainable. Making and manufacturing all of my own products. I want to give women an opportunity to learn a skill and make a living wage so they can invest in themselves and their families.  


-What are your main sources of inspiration for your collections?

Currently my main source is whats trending and what materials I can get. How many and for how long are they going to be available through the vender. Small business struggles LOL. I love making one of a kind pieces out of vintage jewelry. 

-What advice would you give to someone who might be like you once were — working from home, trying to build their own brand? 

I would tell anyone starting any business to ask for help from people doing what you want to do or who are doing something similar. Get a support team. The support needs to range from advice to likes on Instagram. We all need each other so make sure you are supporting when and where you can.


-What is your favorite material to work with?

I love all types. It so hard to have a favorite.

-Who is your target customer?

All girls All ages. I even have guys rocking pompom earrings SOOOOO I guess you could say everyone needs The Naked Bean in their life!


-Where are your products, designs made ?

I currently make and design everything in East Village District Tulsa, OK bUT soon everything will be made in the Tulsa Arts District !

-Do you have a best selling piece and what makes it so popular ?

Pompom earrings are a favorite for sure. The Vegan Leather tassels earrings are favorite too ! 

-What is the price range for your pieces ?

I want to make sure my jewelry is affordable so prices start at $15.

-And where can people check them out ? 

Currently you can check us out online - Instagram - Facebook or in person  J.Cole  + Mod Mess  + Sobo Co  + Spinster Records  + Hillcrest Gift Shop.

-Fave few songs to listen too while designing ?

I’m such a nerd.I normally listen to local public radio classical music station 88.1 buuuutttt lately I have been obsessed with Local Babe Mirrin Knight or Indie band Beach Tigers oh and I can’t forget Cardi B. for when I need some motivation. 


-And what’s a day in the life of The Naked Bean ?! 

Everyday is different. I wear so many hats since its just me. One day maybe a inprov photoshoot or boring accounting. I also have healthcare business so not everyday can be dedicated to The Naked Bean.  

-Omg and the name ?!! Why The Naked Bean ?

So my nickname is Bean. My whole life I have been Jeana Bean. I went through a phase where I tried to shake it but it did not go away. My childhood friends and fam still call me Bean. Being naked is such an intimate concept and when you are naked you are exposing yourself, your true self. There is a beauty in exposing yourself, your true self flaws and all. Also the word naked is SO fun to say too. I mean, when you think of a naked bean you have to smile. right!? Everyone has their own picture in their mind of what a naked bean looks like. It is important me people smile when they think of my brand. <3

Cheers to makers and friendship!!! 

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This post was sponsored by The Naked Bean but all opinions are mine alone. All photography was given to me by Jeana.