Perfectly Packed Gym Bag

Happy June darlings!

So excited to be kicking the month and summer off with a Fitness post for you. A few weeks ago I had a few appointments get shuffled at the very last moment and had wished I had my work out attire with me as I could have easily made it to Pilates or Indoor Cycling. I even could have joined a friend at her kickboxing class had I been prepared. So I came home and immediately packed a ready-to-go gym bag with all the needed essentials to just keep in my trunk at all times. Now there really is no time for excuses for your daily sweat session. Lol! Below, I’ve put together a little cheat sheet of items that I keep in my gym bag so that there’s nothing standing between me and my summer bod and hopefully it will inspire you to keep a little gym bag in your car too!

Pick a bag you love-Trust me, you will more compelled to show it off like those new pretty heels.

Being in love with your gym bag means you want to carry it. The end result is going to hot your fitness studio more often because you're so excited to carry your gorgeous bag. Whatever it takes to motivate yourself to get to that class – do it! 

Finding your perfect gym bag can actually be really difficult. At least it was for me! I am too entirely picky maybe...

My Pilates studio (Club Pilates) carries these gorgeous bags by Vooray. And I fell in love with the rose gold and grey floral print and decided to try it and it turns not only is it pretty, but its incredibly functional too. And I love that I can carry it as a cross-body with it's adjustable shoulder strap.The size is perfect-not too big, not too small. (16" x 10.5" x 10.5") It has two exterior pockets and 1 interior pocket so it keeps me super organized. It's also machine washable!! Linking a few style below! And they have my lovely print in a backpack form too which would be amazing! And of course pop into Club Pilates to shop locally as they carry the Vooray bags!

Now for workout apparel..

Again I mostly do Pilates right now so my list will be geared towards that but just customize this so it's well suited for you and the exercise that you do.

I always keep a spots bra in my gym bag. And I am loving the sports bras from Meer right now for several reasons. Meer is based in Austin, Texas, and I love how they combine fashion and function to create high quality, everyday clothing.They believe you should be able to start and end every day without needing a change of clothes. Gym, work, class, and everywhere in between. Merging unique and exclusive designs with responsible materials, Meer accentuates your life without compromising on your principles. Combining exclusive design with everyday style and sustainable fabrics, the Meer Bra feels like a sports bra and works better than underwire. Designed by engineers, you'll never need a change of clothes again.You can find your support anytime by adjusting the X-bands and tighten for a little extra support or loosen for relaxed bliss. Meer Bras are never restricting and always work with my body. I am usually wearing a Meer bra but with this crazy heat, it's nice to just have an extra in my bag ready to go! Today I am featuring the LILAC IT A LOT – HIGH CUT. It looks great as both a bra and a top with coverage and support so flattering you'll want to wear it every day and it's designed to provide medium support. The cups are removable and the fabric is made from recycled water bottles (79% RPET, 21% spandex). Such a cool company with some great products to chose from ! Check them out here

I also always have a pair of athletic leggings in my bag and I love Old Navy's so much. Their High-Rise compression leggings hold me in and flatter my tummy and tush. I love the elasticized waistband and the flat-lock seams help prevent chafing. These thighs do not lie! LOL! They feature smooth, quick-drying compression jersey with comfortable stretch. And superior Go-Dry moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry. And you just cannot beat the price. Linking some of my fave styles below for you to easily shop!

I also always have a pullover to throw on over my sports bra. Your Pilates studio can be chilly before you get warmed up and I am also still not feeling the most confident to just wear a sports bra! And I love a lot of the fun ones they don now revealing the back or off the shoulder. These are great too incase you need to run some errands after class or join a bestie for a sushi patio lunch!

Club Pilates also has some amazing fun pullovers with some pretty fun graphics on them geared to "Follow Me To The Club" and "You can Plank With Us". So I am frequently checking out their new apparal everytime I am in!

And of course you need a good pair of grip socks!!!

I always keep a pair of tennis shoes in my bag! Ever have to walk back to the car in work out gear and your high heels because you don't exactly want to put your dress back on??!! Or is it just me that has done that? I love my shoes from Vivo Barefoot. Lin got me them for Christmas and I have been hooked. They are not in the “shoe” business. They don’t do heels, they impede the natural movement of your foot and were designed for riding horses. They don’t have thick, stiff soles. They don’t allow your feet to flex or feel. They tossed out the unnecessary padding and cushioning. They believe that wrapping your feet up like a baby only makes them weak and defenseless. Vivos let your feet move like feet. No additional extras; just an ultra-thin sole that gives you maximum sensory feedback and doesn’t restrict your foot’s natural movement. Because, on their own, your feet work pretty well. You just gotta try a pair. You can also keep a pair of sandals in your bag too. I just like having tennis shoes so I can be prepared for other athletic stuff too! 

It's so important to stay hydrated and I love my Hidrate Spark 2.0 Water Bottle water bottle. Hidrate Spark 2.0 is a smart water bottle that connects to your phone and glows to remind you to stay hydrated. The connected app calculates how much hydration you need based on your physiology and location. Sometimes drinking more water is all we need to feel energized and brighten our mood, would you all agree?! Available in an array of frosted colors, their sleek Hidrate Spark 2.0 smart water bottle will keep track of how much you drink and help you meet your daily hydration goal. There’s no better time than the present to start living healthier. Why not do it in style? Battery operated; no need for charging. Holds 24 ounces and fits in standard cup holder. Leak proof flip-style lid with pour-style mouthpiece, BPA-free Tritan plastic. 

So of course we cannot forget about some beauty product essentials. Typically most boutiques studios now supply many amenities like hair ties and dry shampoo and deodorant . But I do keep my bag stocked with some things I am really loving at the moment and feel like I get a lot of use out of them! Taking the 5 minutes in the studio restroom doing a quick skin care regime really changed my skin as I typically run my errands after my workout so my pores were just getting congested and I had no SPF protection as I had sweated it off. This is my best kept skin care secret! 

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Face + Body Cleansing Swipes-These easily cleans away excess dirt, oil and sweat that can cause pores to clog or lead to breakouts. They refresh skin my skin and are so convenient. And if you are working out on a lunch break or in the morning and need to shower, I love love love the Broo Craft Beer Bar. You can use this on your hair, body, and face, and if you are a man reading this you can use it on your beard too. There is a hydrating and energizing one and I love how both smell! Check them out here. I also am obsessed with Broo's Color Grazed Detangling Drops + Style Prep. (I actually not only keep one in my gym bag but I keep one in my bathroom where I get ready at all times too, especially in the summer to protect my hair color. This color enhancing detangler contains quinoa proteins to extend color, and a shot of inchi oil to mend hair damage and leave your locks in good spirits. One swig of this refreshing detangler will leave your scalp invigorated and your color-treated hair with the perfect buzz. They use all-malt, freshly-hopped craft beer as the main ingredient in all their clean, ultra-performing hair care and grooming products. Crazy? For ages, people have rinsed their hair with beer, and even soaked in it! Turns out, the malted barley in beer is brimming with B vitamins, proteins, and minerals to make your hair and skin shiny, strong, and healthy. And no, you wont smell like a fraternity house! I love that this detangler fights breakage and frizz too as I have a major problem with both. 

Kopari Coconut Rose Toner-  Give your face a boost of freshness with Korpari's Coconut Rose Toner. This refreshing spray-on toner is infused with Coconut Oil, Rose Extract, and Witch Hazel to restore skin's natural pH balance while helping to firm skin, reduce redness and minimize the appearance of pores.. Revitalizes and restores skin's natural balance. Formulated with Witch Hazel to calm and soothe skin without dryness. Cruelty-free, alcohol-free, phthalate-free, non-GMO & vegan. 5.1 oz. It just feel so refreshing too!

Yes To Blueberries DIY Moisturizing Parfait - 1 fl oz is such a great moisturizer to toss in your bag. Yes to superblueberries and greek yogurt and probiotics combining forces to recharge, hydrate and treat stressed skin. The dual chamber system allows you to customize your blend by dispensing just the right amount of rich cream greek yogurt with probiotic moisturizer to lock in hydration and superblueberries booster, a lightweight refreshing gel, to protect skin. Apply each formula alone or combine them for the ultimate skin reboot. And of course love that this is PABA-free, Sulfate-free, formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, aluminum-free.

COOLA - Full Spectrum 360 Sun Silk Drops SPF 30-  I am a sunscreen addict. I refuse to go anywhere without it and I love this innovative, organic facial sunscreen that helps prevent visible signs of aging caused by the sun and digital overexposure and who wouldn't want protection from the sun, environmental toxins, and digital overexposure?! This advanced organic formula is light-as-air yet protects against broad spectrum UVA/UVB, IR (infrared), and HEV (high energy visible) Light, meaning they’ve got you covered from beach to board meeting. I love that it is fast-absorbing and patented LightWaves Defense [JS+M] technology helps to prevent visible signs of aging from both indoor and outdoor daily aggressors. I like to call it my daily miracle in a jar! 

Osea Firming Eyes & Lips and Osea Eye Gel Serum- Both of these powerful products revitalize tired, puffy eyes. This simple two-step regime visibly firms, de-puffs, brightens, contours and hydrates the delicate eye area for a rejuvenated look. We often overlook this area in our skin care regimes so it's so important to give it that TLC too. Eye Gel Serum instantly de-puffs, firms and refreshes. Moisture-rich Eyes & Lips cream visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. And yes just like the eyes, the lips need some attention! They are powered by Organic Seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol & Mineral Peptides. 

Yes To Cotton Anti-Pollution Oxygenated Facial Mask and Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Cooling Mud Mask - If you find yourself working out a gym that has a sauna and you have some time to kill, then definitely have some masks on hand! Say YES to a little bubbly with this gentle, lightweight mask (Yes To Cotton Facial Mask) that starts bubbling on contact, leaving skin feeling replenished, softer and protected against environmental pollution in less than 10 minutes. Formulated for allergy-prone, ultra-sensitive skin, this foaming mask, with cotton extract and oxygen, make an at-home spa experience you'll want to experience regularly. So sit back, relax and watch those bubbles form! Yes to being cool, calm and collected with a roll-on Cucumbers Cooling Mud Mask that refreshes and soothes sensitive skin. Formulated with cucumber extract to soothe, micellar water to deep clean and green clay to draw out impurities, this mask cools and hydrates in just 10 minutes. Built-in cooling metal roller applicator allows for easy, hands-free, mess-free application. So I love both and typically need the mud mask once a month. 

Yuni Chillax- Yuni Chillax rolls on to easily and gives sore muscles an intensely cooling, soothing treat. Ease post-workout strain with anti-inflammatory Green Tea Extract and Arnica while cooling, energizing Peppermint reduces the perception of pain to help you to recover faster. Powerful and long-lasting to help keep you active without the greasy feel and medicated smell commonly found in muscle treatment products. I love this stuff so much ! 

And a few other faves that I always have in my bag are a good dry shampoo, and a body mist!

The Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo is one of my faves. It instantly revives my hair and senses. This non-aerosol powder mist absorbs excess oil between shampoos. It extends a great blow dry, revives hair after a workout, refreshes hair while traveling and transforms it before a night out. Its calming aroma contains 25 pure flower and plant essences.

YUNI Beauty My OM World Aromatic Body Mist- Transform your energy and skin with a sensory envelope of freshness. This essential oil body spray is perfect for anyone and is a great way to invigorate your senses after a yoga session or workout.The essential oil mist formula is non-drying and won't weigh your skin down with harmful chemicals. Designed to quickly disperse onto your body, so you can spray as often as you need.1.7 oz. You guys-it smells so darn good!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday and please tag me as you are building your own gym bags!! And let me know about some of your fave products to take to a sweat sesh in the comments below! A friend of mine already mentioned earbuds and that's such a good one! I forget about those because my studios are class focused and play music but what if I decided to go for a run or hike!! So I am going to add a pair of my wireless earbuds today! And I do always keep my Milk + Honey natural deodorant in my bag. You can read all about it here!  I finally found a natural one that works so YOU are most welcome!


Special thanks to all my sponsors mentioned for this post (minus Aveda, Vivo Barefoot, HiDrate Spark, Old Navy, and Alo Yoga) Don't get me wrong-I love those brands but they did not give me products! All other companies mentioned gifted me products for my honest reviews or sponsored a post at another time!