Preparing For a Photo Shoot With Smile Brilliant

When you’re a full-time lifestyle blogger, (so much more to do here...sometimes I wonder if it would be a good idea to just narrow it down to one niche all though I find that really boring) you’re also a stylist, creative director, writer, sometimes a photographer and a model. And that's not even mentioning the marketing side of what I am doing for my clients within their content creation and growth strategies.  I should really add all of these to my bio. And I have the most respect for bloggers who are still working full time but manage to keep creating some amazing content on their blogs at least three times a week. I tend to lose interest when my fave bloggers are not posting frequently.

It always amazes me when people will see me in my work out attire with no makeup and a crazy top knot....they are truly shocked that I am not in a dress with a full face of makeup and perfect beach waves. My friends think my life is pretty picture perfect daily and I just have to laugh. Usually there are days I have not even showered yet alone gotten an eyebrow wax. (you can see a lot of this over on my insta stories so you should most definitely follow along) 

I recently discovered an amazing at home teeth whitening system that definitely at least keeps my teeth amazing. More on that in just a bit too as white teeth are a fabulous way to get the perfect shot! 

And this may come as a shock to some, but I don’t shoot my outfit posts each and every day, rather I shoot a bunch of them on the same day every week or so. The same goes for product campaigns that I am doing in different locations. This makes you much more organized for your posting schedules, allows you to hire a photographer ahead of time, and also gives them enough time to edit and send the images back to you before you’ve scheduled to post. Yes, SCHEDULED. Having a content schedule is crucial, but more on that will be available in my E-course launching this summer. There is so much that I am doing daily in the world of blogging where I think most of my friends think it's a quick glam job that I can just do whilst sipping my latte everyday. And there is a lot of sipping lattes which has been the main culprit in staining my teeth....thank goodness for at home teeth whitening system I discovered....(there is a giveaway opportunity for you too at the end of the post) 

However, with all this forward planning it means you have to be super super organized and prepare your looks ahead of time. That's why when I had a campaign delay a launch date...I literally get so stressed out as it's affecting every single thing. More companies need to realize and more bloggers needs to charge additional fees for this! 

A lot of you have asked for shoot information and how I prepare so your wish is my command darlings. 

Here are my tips and tricks on how to prepare for the perfect shoot.

Outfit prep – pre shoot
1. Find inspiration. I like to look to Pinterest for outfit and styling ideas. But I also am still so old school that I love getting inspired by things I see in magazines. There's just something so special about ripping the pages out and creating a style board. You know...the things we used to do before the land of Pinterest which just honestly confused the heck out of me. VS Mag is one of my faves for some amazing inspiration especially if my creative juices are just not flowing in the right direction.

I mean just look at this....

2. Sourcing product. You may have to work with an e-commerce shop, shop in your fave boutiques, or borrow from PR agencies and/or brands for a shoot.I personally tend to strategize with these types of clients so I own the pieces. For me, it feels more authentic that way but again, just giving ideas to the masses here.  Keep in mind though what you’re trying to achieve with your blog or particular post. For me this mostly means shoppable content, making sure my readers can actually buy what i’m wearing at the time the blog goes live, or be directed to something similar is really important. I never want my readers to be frustrated. I also tend to love Vintage one of a kind pieces so I at least try to give my readers ideas on how to style them or what could be similar in the non Vintage arena. Make sure everything is pressed and you have the right under garments on. This step has a few more intriquite details when you are on the road hitting various cities but the E-course will help you with all those logistics. 

3. Hair and Makeup:  You may not have this issue, but no matter what i’m wearing I think its terrible if my hair and makeup isn’t right. Once my hair and makeup is done I feel a lot more creative and beautiful and I can style an outfit a lot easier. The whole thing just comes together from head to toe. Work with a stylist and makeup artist you love that really love. I find when I work with one person too it's just easier to get on the same page every single time. 

Shoot prep
1. Working with a good photographer is going to make all the difference with your photos, and since images are arguably more valuable than any other part of your blog’s content its worth investing in this department. Look for a photographer who is flexible with their time, offers a quick turnaround for edited imagery, brings ideas to the table when shooting, understands your aesthetic, keeps you energized and comfortable, doesn’t go crazy with photoshop, and make sure, without a doubt that the images are in focus and of high resolution. I have a handful that i use as sometimes working with just one person can be difficult! 

2. Location scouting. Along with a great photographer, the backdrop to your post is going to set the scene.  Put time into this process and make your locations part of your style guide that sets your images apart from others. 

Beauty Prep

1. Mani/PediIt's amazing what photoshop can do these days but I hear digitally painting on polish is not fun. 
2. Eyebrow Wax:  Our eyebrows frame the face..need I say more?!
3. Hair and Makeup:  We discussed this already but seriously commit to this for your shoot! 
4. Teeth Whitening: Look after yourself as a whole package my dears. Making sure you have shiny white teeth should be part of your beauty routine. They should shine bright like a diamond!

Annndddd I found the perfect product! 

My teeth have been so stained by coffee and red wine and you will notice that's why I never really smile in any of my photos  because I am self conscience. 

I was so excited to partner with Smile Brilliant. I was so stoked to discover them. I had just visited with my dentist and was shocked on the price of what bleaching would cost me. And I have tried those whitening strips but never really notice that much of a result. Plus my teeth are so sensitive

I loved how easy this was to use too!!!  I can't do anything complicated. 


Smile Brilliant sends over your dental impression kit, all set with catalyst paste & base paste. The impression process is pretty easy as long as you take it one impression at a time. Special Tip: make sure to use a mirror to avoid dragging. After you make your dental impressions, let them dry, & then mail them out in your pre-paid Smile Brilliant envelope. Your fitted trays will arrive in the mail in no time. You will even get an email letting know your impressions arrived to them safely and you get another email letting you know when your fitted trays have shipped! 

You can begin the process once you receive your teeth whitening trays!! 


I did four one-hour teeth whitening sessions. The whole process was a tad time-consuming since you have to factor in wearing the teeth whitening trays (one hour), then applying the desensitizing gel (20 minutes), then waiting 30 minutes after if you want to drink or eat. At minimum you're looking at 80 minutes per application, but you may notice results in as little as one application. But so worth it and I can do this while I catch up all my television!

My teeth look amazing dears! I can notice a huge difference and love it when my friends compliment me too. I still have three more treatments to use and look forward to seeing the final results!!!!! This system is perfect for the traveling gypset too! 

The Smile Brilliant System is EXACTLY what you would get at a professional dentist's office..just less expensive and you can do it in the comfort of pj's! The Smile Brilliant desensitizing gel really made this product stand out for me! 

So thrilled to have teamed up with them to give one lucky reader will receive a $139 credit to Smile Brilliant!! Follow the link here to enter !

My winner will be drawn in two weeks over on insta stories. The giveaway is open to all of the U.S and international participants.

What do you dears think?!! How are you currently whitening your teeth?! 


(So much thanks to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post. )