Styling A Bedside Table In A Modern Guest Room Featuring Gantri

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Now that the holidays are over and all our house guests are gone I felt inspired to write this post so give us a major head start for the 2019 holiday season.

Actually putting things on a nightstand in the guest room that your guests could/would enjoy?!!! Oui, please!!!

No matter who your guests are, there are a few items that are great, essential pieces to have on hand.

A bedside table-light is a great piece to start with when you are trying to figure out what to place on a side table or nightstand. It provides light if your guests need to get up in the middle of the night or perhaps they are readers and there is nothing worse than having to get up from bed sleepy eyed to turn off a light-switch. We love this Paris light by Javier Martinez from Gantri so much. Like all things French, Paris is simple, stylish and sophisticated. Its elegant design evokes the vintage and minimalist aesthetic of the French New Wave yet reimagined for the modern era.This versatile light adds character, culture and a soft, warm glow to any bedroom, living room or kitchen. It’s très chic, for nostalgics and modernists alike. It also comes in three colors!!

We are huge fans of Gantri for all of our table lights, as we own three!

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Fresh flowers go a long way in saying "welcome." They add a splash of color and will certainly put a smile on your guests faces! I love the variety of flowers Whole Foods Market sells and they are so reasonably priced and last a bit!!

Add some books and magazines! Think about your book choice if you can. Is it a book that someone could read in a couple of nights? Would your guest be interested in looking through it? I always like to include a book about Oklahoma too-especially if they have never been here before.

By taking some time to personalize the nightstand in your guest room, your visiting family and friends are sure to feel happy and content in their room away from home.

P.S…make sure you include the wifi password somewhere too!!!