Sweet Defeat 30-Day Sugar Detox

This post was in collaboration with Sweet Defeat, all opinions are my own.

I am so excited to have started a 30 day sugar detox  on Monday. I am on day 4 now and really loving it!

Check it out over on my Instagram to get all the details. I made a permanent story on my Hi-lights titled Sugar Detox. (It has the little watermelon cover)

About once every two months or so, I start to feel like I need to reboot my system. I have always found that giving my body a little detox is always a grand idea and I feel so much better afterward. I feel so much healthier and have such a better grasp on making better choices.

Throughout the 30 days, I will be using Sweet Defeat to get through my sugar cravings. Even though I successfully completed my Whole 30 and am now embracing a Paleo lifestyle, I am STIll having the hardest time with sugar. I have the biggest sweet tooth, especially those late night cravings and once a month during PMS. Come on ladies, I know you feel me here. It’s no secret that sugar is straight up addicting! I just recently read in a magazine that that there are over 600,000 food products in the American food industry and 80% of them contain added sugar?! You guys, that is insane. That means despite your best efforts to control sugar intake you are still likely consuming LOTS of it via all the ways it’s added to products like salad dressings, crackers, ketchup, most condiments, and even gluten-free bread. I was surprised to even see it in bacon. No wonder I am sugar obsessed currently.

I already struggle with sugar on my own as it is without having all the issues mentioned. I am so the girl that wants chocolate after every single meal. And hello wedding and birthday cake--I am so the girl that cannot just have a bite or two. I eat the whole slice.

I knew I needed help you guys! Like I have a serious problem.

Finding out about Sweet Defeat was just the best day ever. And it made perfect sense to partner.

Sweet Defeat is an all natural lozenge that blocks the sweet receptors on your tongue so you can’t taste sugar. Once the lozenge dissolves on your tongue and you go to take a bite of something sweet, it won’t taste the same! The lozenge lasts for up to an hour, which is enough time to have that craving pass.

It sounds too good to be true! But I am willing to give it a shot!!!

I am so ready to ditch these intense sugar cravings once and for all. They are driving me crazy literally, make me overeat which is really hindering me from reaching my goals, and they are keeping me on the blood sugar roller coaster (crave, binge, crash, repeat.) Are you familiar with that feeling? It’s frustrating AF.

I also welcome the other benefits from sugar detoxing like feeling less puffy from the reduced inflammation and having pretty, glowing skin again!

I will be updating everyone weekly over on my Instagram Stories and also keeping a daily journal for the whole 30 days with a follow up full recap blog post where I will be answering all of your questions!! I will even be sharing some before and after photos if I am successful.  My followers can also enjoy 50% off their first box of Sweet Defeat using promo code “RUBLE50”! Check it out here. 

I cannot wait for you all to follow along on my detox!! Send all the love and encouragement and keep the questions coming in the comments below or DM me on Insta.

Let’s kick these sugar cravings once and for all!!!