Tallgrass Prairie Day Trip Essentials Featuring Pearls Olives to Go

This post is sponsored by Pearls® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The prairie has been known to evoke powerful emotions in those that let it.

With nearly 11,000 acres of Mother Nature, see wide open space, beautiful vistas, wildflowers, wildlife, bison herd, a historic ranch and one-room school with limestone buildings, and plenty of solitude, each season brings something new to experience. Their motto is "Tall in the Fall" as it takes all season for the tall grasses to reach their maximum heights, which differ each season and are dictated by the amount of rainfall. Greater rain equals taller grasses. So if visiting in the spring, expect to see grasses up to 6 inches that continue to grow all year until they reach their maximum heights in late September/October. 
The preserve offers many opportunities to make a meaningful connection to the prairie and the people that lived here. The preserve is open every day from dawn to dusk with no charge for admittance and can be accessed via county roads. There are scenic turnouts, hiking trails, picnic tables, visitor center with gift shop, and public restrooms. The gift shop / visitor center is open from March 1 through December 15 from 10:00am to 4:00pm. It is operated by docents and is typically open every day.

Since I began writing Go French Yourself a little over two years ago I’ve found myself branching out more than ever before. My desire to see more, experience more, and learn more, not just about the wide world, but about the places closest to me, and the need to share what I’m learning has become a passion. And so many of you have asked about the Tallgrass Prairie I frequent in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and what to expect there so…..

All of these questions have lead me to this post! I encourage you to load up that car with your love and or your kiddos and experience the most magical place in Oklahoma.

Tips & Advice

  • There is no food of any kind for purchase inside The Prairie grounds. Trust me there is NO food. Make sure to bring snack and drinks with you. You can eat in Pawhuska too at one of Ree’s two restaurants but the lines are still pretty long. Plus I love to stay the whole day out there on the prairie so snacks are a must along with plenty of H20. (I will be sharing an amazing Keto friendly healthy snack option I just discovered in a bit)

  • There are is only flush toilet in the prairie locate in The Visitor’s Center that I mentioned earlier.

  • Wear proper shoes, especially if you are taking photos. The ground is gravel. Heels or open toe shoes are not your friend here.

  • Wear layers. It is alway windy out there. And especially if you plan on visiting this fall or winter-it can be so frigid. You mist bring a bandana too to cover your mouth from the dirt the wind kicks up.

  • Do not rely on GPS directions to navigate. Service will not work out there in various parts. I always pack along a map and remember the way I came in.

  • Definitely bring your camera and binoculars. Tallgrass Prairie Preserve offers some excellent wildlife watching opportunities due to the variety of natural habitats. In addition to the more than 700 plant species on the preserve, more than 300 bird and 80 mammal species make the prairie their home. Visitors can experience the open prairie while viewing bison along the 10-mile driving loop. There are also patches of crosstimbers (upland native oak woodlands) along the route.

  • Insect Repellant is a good idea too.

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Happy snacking and happy exploring!!


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