All American Summer Vibes Featuring Head Country Bar-B-Q

We are soon welcoming summer…my goodness, where is the year going my friends??!

When I think about this season, I of course immediately think of the 4th of July. It was my grandparents absolute favorite holiday and we had plenty of BBQs and poolside parties. Everyone was slathered in sunscreen and chlorine and there was a joyous feeling of celebration in the air and all day the star spangled banner flew proudly in every direction. Of course you cannot forget the stunning fireworks lighting up the sky above! It was always such a special experience sharing that day with so many proud, patriotic Americans roaming the streets celebrating. So many beautiful summers and I will always cherish these memories of my childhood. My fave part about living in the desert in El Paso was that every sunset at the very moment that the sun disappeared over the horizon, everyone watching on would cheer and clap as the last millimeter of sun dropped behind the mountains.

Grandpa Kelsey would fire up the grill and I already what we would be having in our picnic basket. What is summer without this American Icon anyway?? You know what I am talking about….cook up a delicious patty of beef and sandwich it between two buttery buns…..

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Learning About Clean Beauty Over Masks + Mimosas

Did you know that there are over 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in personal care products by the European Union?

The United States has only partially banned 30 chemicals from our personal care products and has not passed a law since 1938.

Yeah…I know…..crazy, right?!

So of course I jumped on the opportunity to host a Beautycounter event at my house for my friend Cassie who recently started selling these fantastic products.

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A Weekend Away In Bentonville Arkansas With 21C Museum Hotel-The Francophile Edition

They don't say Paris is a good idea for no reason but when you can’t get to Paris for the can find little glimpses of it wherever you might be! And today I am sharing some wonderful places that remind me of France in Bentonville Arkansas. I will be sharing my experience at the 21C for bit so if you are in a hurry and just needing some “Frenchie” recommendations…scroll down! And stay tuned for more Francophile Guides that I will be putting together on my travels.

I mean once a Francophile, always a Francophile.

It was my 3rd visit to Bentonville this year but somehow I never manage to get bored. There's always so much to see, so much to do and new places to discover that honestly, I don't think I will ever be bored. Bentonville is a wonderfully charming, relaxing and interesting city which I’d strongly recommend you visit! And make sure to book your stay at 21C Museum Hotel.

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Two Simple Low Carb High Protein Salmon Recipes

I recently partnered with Blue Circle Foods to host the loveliest bridal shower for a friend who is a pescatarian .

We wanted to keep things super simple and cost effective so I created two dishes where guests could really be involved in creating their own plates with the delicious #ChangingSeas hot smoked salmon in either a classic or peppered variety!

The first recipe I’m sharing with you is my favorite go-to salad, a.k.a *the protein packed lemony salad-

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An Afternoon At The Skin Boutique-(PLUS A GIVEAWAY)

If you meet me in person, you’ll realize just how much of a skin fanatic I am. For me, good skin isn’t about vanity; it’s about confidence, because when you feel good in your skin it shows through and I think we can all agree on that one! Am I right??!

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you’ll know that I have regularly go for facials - at least once every month or once every 6 weeks! An indulgent treat for sure but also facials are given by professionals who really know skin and can advise on what your skin really needs. The therapists that really know their stuff and the facials that work their magic are invaluable as you can see results from one facial alone. I often get asked which is the best facial I’ve had and it’s difficult in some ways to say as not all facials are the same or intend to give the same result. One that offers a peel isn’t comparable to one that offers lymphatic drainage for example as the goals they set out to achieve are completely different. I always say it depends what you’re after from a facial as to which facial you should go for.

I have also wanted to incorporate more massages and treatments into my monthly regimen too to help with anxiety and relaxation. For me…these things are far more important than new shoes or a luxurious dinner date!!! I think the older we get…our priorities change and we quickly realize that we have to take care of our bodies from the inside out.

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Making Oral Care Even More Important With Smile Brilliant's cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush + GIVEAWAY

I have always had issues with my teeth – I had braces growing up for like 6 years (I wish I was joking) and have definitely had my fair share of cavities. My wisdom teeth did not even grow in until 2 years ago but the strangest thing about that was I had already had 6 teeth pulled to make room for braces in my crowded mouth as my dentist called it. But the wisdom teeth still did not have room to breathe so they had to go! I also have never been a great flosser until two years ago and well, I love coffee and tea. And on-top of everything else my teeth and gum are incredibly sensitive. So I have never even been able to use an electric toothbrush on a consistent basis which is heart breaking because once you go electric, you can never go back.

And even my dentist has told me I need to start using an electric toothbrush everyday because the manual one is just not cutting it. So I was thrilled when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their cariPRO™ electric toothbrush. I had worked them before and was a huge fan of their at-home teeth whitening system.

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So as the title says, I went to Oklahoma City for a total of 48 hours (give or take) Would I recommend you do the same? No - because you absolutely need longer in this fun fun city! LOL! But in all seriousness…yes, get in that car and do a long weekend here my dears, It is growing at such a rapid pace and there is just so much to do! If a petit romantic weekend away is something you want to surprise the other half with - or if you just fancy a completely magical break away solo/with friends - then read on as this post’s a must read.

I’ll begin by saying Oklahoma City is always a glorious weekend escape! Less than two hours from Tulsa via the good ol’ turnpike, and about 3 hours from Dallas, 7 hours from Houston, well, you get my drift! You will be transported somewhere very pretty with a lot going on. It’s a thriving city with a great selection of FUN!

It was such a fun time and one of my all time favorite press trips!

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Kicking Off Summer With Hiland Dairy

Where is this year going?! Summer is here. Temperatures are rising! And I cannot believe it’s time to start planning some spring/summer back-yard parties for this coming season as well as those summer road trip adventures!! School is out in 3 days! Vacations will be taken! Fun will be had! Summer is a magical time, not only because the days are longer, but also because there's just so much more to do when it's warm out. Plus, let's be honest, doesn't it kind of feel as though anything is possible in the summertime?!

So pour yourself some lemonade, scoop up that delicious bowl of ice cream (currently loving Hiland Dairy’s Time Traveler Ice Cream-French silk ice cream with marshmallow bonbons, chocolate flakes and thick fudge sauce. ) and kick back with these 10 timeless films that remind me of how special the summertime really is. These movies make me want to head to the beach, explore new destinations or just throw up my hands and ride the rollercoaster that is… summer vacation! I mean it doesn’t get better than summer holidays, ice cream and roller coasters in my opinion!

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Go French Yourself’s Guide To Bentonville Arkansas//The Power Of Music

Yes, I know, I’ve been traveling an awful lot recently, I can barely keep up myself.

But when the invitation arrives in my inbox to spend a weekend in Bentonville, discovering their music scene, how can I possibly say no?! I am a girl who loves a good road trip and some good music.

I have visited Bentonville numerous times but this city is rapidly changing every month and now, with my photographer’s eye, I couldn’t wait to return to see the city in all its glory - from the quaint square, the great food and drink scene, the exploding music scene and its many museums. A weekend in Bentonville is a great idea and couldn’t be easier to do, especially for those of living in Oklahoma and Texas! I mean it’s a quick one hour and forty five minute drive for me which is so easy breezy. And it’s only five hours from the BIG D!

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5 Must Have Essentials For Surviving a Long Flight

Happy May darlings!!!!

There’s no better feeling than booking that dream international trip that’s been on your bucket list forever…until reality sets in and you realize you’ll be stuck on a plane for countless hours first in order to get to your destination. And after reality sets in, every traveler’s two least favorite words consume the rest of their energy: Jet Lag. Unless money is no object, first or business class may not be a feasible option for you. Not to worry, I am all about 'roughing it’ in economy…but I do believe in doing in comfort and with a little bit of style!

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Traveling With Sarisha Beauty

Confession: I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce my latest beauty discovery, but I will tell you this, it's a fabulous one so go ahead and just bookmark this page so you have it for your next skin care shopping spree. These products are SO good! Everything feels and looks so luxurious, yet they will not break the bank one bit!

Surely that got your attention!

SARISHA was created to solve the problem of not finding affordable, gentle, plant-based and travel-friendly formulas to use during trips abroad and while living a busy city life back home. Sarisha means charm and elegance in Sanskrit.

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If you meet me in person, you’ll realize just how much of a skin fanatic I am. For me, good skin isn’t about vanity; it’s about confidence, because when you feel good in your skin it shows through. At home skincare is obviously super important to achieving/maintaining good skin and I plan on covering a lot more on the blog this season as there’s so much confusion out there.

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Northwest Arkansas Fashion Scene // NWAFW Spring 2019

When I was asked to travel in for the NWAFW Spring shows, of course, I said OUI! When and where?! How could I possibly miss this event with 24 designers, 19 commercial brands, 250 models, 30+ makeup artists, 25+ hair stylists and other creative professionals?!

For those who aren’t familiar, NWA Fashion Week is a project of the non-profit organization The Arkansas Arts and Fashion Forum, with a mission to highlight fashion trends, support local brands, to provide a creative outlet for designers, and to celebrate Northwest Arkansas’ fashion culture. In recent years, NWA Fashion Week has focused on putting on two events each year in Northwest Arkansas – a spring show in Bentonville, and a fall show in Fayetteville.

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Gift Giving Made Easy For Those Hard To Shop For Parents & Grandparents

Present shopping. As much as I love it, at times it's a chore, especially for family members who have EVERYTHING and don’t need anything. I'm the type of person that likes to buy meaningful presents too. I really take great great pride in this! And I already have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on the brain! Like me, you may have started thinking about what to buy people. Jotting down the ideas, making the lists.

About a month ago I was introduced to a very exciting digitizing company that I'm sure you'll want to know about. This company called LEGACYBOX really caught my eye because they were perfectly aligned with my mission to become a more thoughtful gift giver-even more thoughtful than I already was and am. It may sound funny, but I really do believe in the magic of gift giving. There is something very special and meaningful about a gesture — big or small — that exists solely to share and express love and gratitude. And in my book, this is what 2019 is all about for me.

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