Fancy Footwork

I consider myself to have style. Or should we say, a style. And I know I am consistently spotted in the same silhouettes, color schemes, and I ALWAYS have some sort of platform heel on. I know. I know. It's true. 

There are so many fabulous ways to wear a platform so I am sharing some great tips from Tamar Najarian from The Fashionisers which I just love!

• Tip #1: When it comes to the summer days, you might want to stick with lovely white outfits, possibly with some floral prints, have the shoes contrast and add a pretty bag that matches your outfit to really make things pop. Think white skin-tight top, rose printed peplum skirt and ankle strapped open toe platform sandals to hit the spot.

• Tip #2: When picking out your platform shoes, make sure the platforms are not too narrow at the soles so that you can wear them without hurting your feet too much. If you want something easier on the feet, go for the lighter feel of the cork made soles, with smaller platforms and breathable fabrics.

• Tip #3: You can always make it all look sporty as well, combining a pretty outfit with a platform sneaker, as created by Isabel Marant. It created the perfect craze last year especially and now everyone has a pair lining up her closet. It makes for a relaxed look, no matter how chic your skirt and blouse happen to be.

• Tip #4: If you plan on turning your office footwear into more comfortable platforms, you can experiment with a pair that is a lot more on the sophisticated side, pairing it with trousers, blazers and simple tees. You can wear suits with the platform slip on shoes, while also turning the two-piece into a lovely dress that looks perfectly appropriate without having to add on a blazer or wear multiple pieces together.

• Tip #5: Midi skirts and platform sandals look awesome together, particularly during the spring, summer and early fall. This just makes the legs look longer and the body look slimmer. You can pair it up with a crop top to show off some abs while accentuating your body, or go for the more demure, 1990’s look of pleated midi skirts, platform sandals and white shirts to finish it all off.

• Tip #6: You can wear the look with a maxi dress as well, though we thoroughly recommend going for something that flows, and has a slit up the side. This way you can ensure that while your shoes may not be showing the whole time, they do peek through the veils and appear to create a rather intriguing mystery around your limbs and footwear.

• Tip #7: If you have long legs, we say opt for the ankle length pants and the gorgeous platform heels you have sitting in your closet for a relaxed, tasteful appearance. This makes you take on an elegant appeal as well, particularly with work clothes, but most especially with cuffed denim.

• Tip #8: Platform ankle boots are a great choice for the winter months when you cannot wear sandals and pulling of the look with socks is near impossibly with your body shape. Instead, opt for the pretty versions of the ankle boots as it elongates the legs while still keeping the feet warm and safe from the elements around her.

• Tip #9: You can also go all decked out and crazy, wearing Prada pieces or something of the like. Whether you go for Christian Louboutin gradient neon looks or Dolce & Gabbana Italian style splashes of color, you can really have your platforms looking out of this world, including wearing one that appears to be a bird cage.

• Tip #10: Wear them as flat platforms, which may sound like an oxymoron but we assure you the pieces are priceless in design. 

I just found two amazing pairs of platform heels last week that are pictured at the beginning of the post and I am in love. I cannot wait to wear them. I brought them to Boston with me but who the heck was I kidding? I wore a the black pair the first day and night and that was not the smartest thing, especially running through The O'Hare airport to catch a connecting flight in a whole other concourse. My boots have not left my side the remainder of the trip.

Boston is gorgeous you guys and I cannot wait to get a travel diary up for you soon. Do you love platforms and how do you wear them?! I also dare you to dance to this amazing song in your platforms!!!




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