4 years.....

Time does in fact heal all wounds. After 4 long years, I reunited with a best friend of mine and am so happy that we were able to forgive and move forward. I tend to hold grudges. It's true. But I am also okay with knowing that sometimes you just have to give yourself time to step back from a situation and get some air from it. 

Even after not seeing each other for four years, I felt like we were picking up a conversation we didn’t quite finish the day before. And that's a sign of a true friendship. Someone once said that some profound friendships can be formed in three minutes where other superficial ones can take years and I really believe that. Sam and I met at a Norman Music Festival and instantly connected in seconds. We were inseparable. She's always had my back and these days that is a hard thing to find in someone. Often people do not want to get involved so they stay in a friendship with the one person who has tried to ruin your life just for the sake of not rocking the boat. Give me a break. (rolling my eyes) Where's the loyalty? Pretty sure if you send private terrible information of a past situation about one of my friends trying to ruin her business and reputation, you are going to have a huge problem with me too. Have my f'ing back. I am actually questioning you and how you could possibly want to engage with such a person. It makes you look equally as bad.

Some friendships die but that doesn't mean they were not beautiful and true. And sometimes you long to bring that dead friendship back to life so that's what you do.

I encourage you to reach out to someone today that you truly miss, even if it's just to say hello.

The Sam's are back!