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It's no secret that lately I have been trying to simplify my entire life. This process has been in the works for a super long time now. I shared with you all about downsizing my closet, remember? Well I adored that so much that it is now taking over EVERY aspect of my life. I have become 100% on board with my move to Barcelona in January and everything that comes with it. It took some time and included many late night panics, tears, and ice cream runs but I am there. House is on the market, all furniture is pre-sold, listing my car here pretty soon and I have fully accepted that if it doesn't fit in my two suitcases, I do not want or need it. I want simplicity in every single thing currently. I even had to stop watching The Walking Dead because it became so complicated and began annoying me. Like how is that show even still on right now?! (scratching head)

Everyday life, beauty regimes, recipes, my friends, my relationship, my clothes. I really don’t feel like worrying or stressing about ANY of it. Lin and I left on a little New England adventure to visit his son and daughter-in-law and my ultimate goal was to fit all six days into my travel bag. It was the first practice run of this whole living simply campaign I am on that needs to begin with my carry on, right?

I pack way too many things that I never use. I mean seriously. I checked the weather forecast but WHAT IF there is a polar vortex storm and I need that super warm puffy jacket and my faux fur scarf (one in black and one in royal blue) and my hunter rain boots (because they look adorable in the rain) that take up about a third of my suit case's real estate? And I need ALL of my cute work out attire for All of those work outs I plan on doing in-between all the sight seeing tours and family engagements we have booked. And of course I need my caboodle of 18 skin care products. One minute I might be oily but then I might be terribly dry and dehydrated with travel and of course I need like three different perfumes to fit my every mood. I am not organized and it's just ridiculous and it's time to change my ways. Lin is the same exact way so between the two of us we look as though we are lugging around our whole bathroom vanity, closet, and house through the airport. It's a hilarious sight. We never are under the 50 pound bag limit and I have decided that it's embarrassing. We plan on doing so much adventuring in Europe next year and we need to travel incredibly light and efficient. Must pull ourselves together!! 

I also need to stop being so hypocritical when it comes to my beauty regimes. Example: I am the biggest snob about the food I consume. I only buy organic and I will always pick a farm-to- table restaurant over anything else. I also have become super picky about cocktails too. I have an obsession with kale and avocados. I am ingredient label reading junkie that takes 45 minutes to find the right macadamia milk and you can often find me with a green juice in hand. But then when you look in my beauty bag..GASP. Phthalates, parabens, triclosan, sodiam laurel sulfates, proylene glycol, methenanamine....and I do no even know how to properly pronounce these things much less even want to fully research to see how I am slowly killing myself. Oh and I love a good gel manicure even though I know it is terrible for me. Does this make any sense to you?? Yeah, me either. So I started the process in moving all of my beauty products to things that more align in my mission of how I eat and live my life. I had a little health scare too and realized that our skin is our biggest organ and everything we use in our bodies affects us in many ways.

Lucky for me, I stumbled on a fantastic company called Mother Dirt a few weeks ago and have been obsessed with it since day one!

We all grew up thinking bacteria was an evil thing, or at least I did. My mother was constantly walking around me with hand sanitizer. However, not all bacteria are created equal, and some are incredibly beneficial to your overall health. Bacteria are a natural part of the human ecosystem. Just like certain bacteria in your gut help with digestion and other vital matters, we have beneficial bacteria living on the surface of our skin. The Mother Dirt line is designed to help feed the skin-loving bacteria and improve the condition of the skin. All skin strives to be "normal", and the healthy microbiome will attempt to push the scale toward that goal depending on what needs to be done. Dry skin might feel more hydrated, oily skin could see the oil production normalized and balanced (hello me and all my blotting papers) problem skin might see fewer breakouts and feel more soothed over time. Body odor could be a thing of the past. Life would not exist in a sterile environment. Sterility is not natural. Mother Dirt wants us to enjoy the benefits of living in harmony with our skin's unique biome while cutting back or down on cosmetic products like soaps, deodorants, and moisturizers taking on the less is more approach. And Lin and I were thrilled that the products are for men AND women really helping us in in our travel light adventures. 

There are only 4 products keeping it so simple loves:

  • Mother Dirt AO + Mist- (my favorite) -This gem is a live probiotic spray for the skin that contains ammonia oxidizing bacteria strain. It can be refrigerated and is best used on areas where you would typically sweat. I have been using it under my arms, behind my knees, my scalp, and my face. My current hometown is still hanging onto it's Indian Summer so sweat is a daily thing. I have even been using it in the groin area too. I mean real talk loves... we are human. We sweat in places we wish we didn't. I have really noticed a tremendous difference in all these areas but especially my underarms where I tend to perspire so much that I cannot even dare wear a silk blouse. I didn't even take deodorant or perfume to New England too and had zero issue you guys! No odor even when the plane on our last leg home had a non working AC. I am excited to order an extra for my cycle gym bag where sweat and spin just go together. Hygiene is important!
  • Mother Dirt Shampoo- (Lin's fave) This gentle shampoo is free of preservatives, sulfates, and fragrances. (great for kids too) I love that it is formulated for all hair types including color treated hair like mine. That is really important to me. The sensitive formula leaves my scalp so clean and I adore that it still lathers. I am definitely a lather shampoo kinda girl. This product will reduce the need to wash the hair over time by normalizing the PH. And I am here to tell you I went 6 whole days without needing to wash my locks. I have long hair and a super oily scalp too. Zero issues. I NEVER once had to use my dry shampoo so I could have left it out of my travel bag completely going back to my travel light mission. Lin also noticed his scalp has not been dry and irritated with the product. He gets terrible dandruff and it has cleared that up completely.
  • Mother Dirt Face & Body Cleanser- Created as a gentle cleanser for face AND body, this comforting foam cleanses without removing the good bacteria.It's also preservative free and fragrance free so perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.I do believe we have gotten too clean removing important oils and good bacteria from our skin. I have noticed since using this product that I have not had as much oil on my face in my t zone and my usually itchy irritated body has been "normal". I have also noticed my pores minimizing which have always been a huge problem area for me. It removes my makeup perfectly too and has even been great for my lash extensions.
  • Mother Dirt Biome Friendly Moisturizer: The ingredients mimic the natural skin's barrier and I adore that you can use this on your face and all over the body. I have been using it on my feet and hands and it has really been soothing my dry skin and healing it to where I am using less and less of it. The moisturizer is lightweight on my face and feels very supple. It's also fragrance free and preservative free. 

I am so excited to really practice what I preach and upgrade my beauty bag even if I have to do it a step at a time. It's important to me and healthy is beautiful. If you are also raising the hand emoji to these 5 signs, I believe you are ready to upgrade your beauty regimes too.

  1. You cannot pronounce the ingredients on your labels and you have no idea what they even are and or do.
  2. You are obsessed with organic food blogs and follow all of them on Instagram and Pinterest. You have eliminated GMO's from your diet and food labels.
  3. You hear that the average woman uses 12 beauty and personal care products but your count is closer to 25 or 30.
  4. You are concerned about the effects of microbeads on the environment and are happy to hear about their potential ban.
  5. You spend way too much time and money in the beauty aisle trying to figure out what products might be green and good for you and your skin.

I encourage you to detox with me. Detox the clutter, detox the ingredients you cannot say, and travel light! 

Mother Dirt is going to change the way you travel and do life. Check them out and have your products shipped directly to your door!!

What product are you most eager to try?! Let me know in the comments!