Kiss That Hangover Goodbye

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So hangovers in your 30's are way different from hangovers in your 20's, am I right?! Whew. Remember when you didn't even get a hangover?? 

Yeah, me either.

These days I feel like I get a hangover on two glasses of red wine and that's over a 4 hour period WITH a heavy steak and potato dinner. Getting older is for the birds you guys. Is my social life over? Is is time to just surrender and go for the tea nights in my P.J.'s alone with my dogs and a book.....

Absolutely NOT! If you saw my social calendar from last weekend you would be exhausted for me just from reading it. But you would also be excited with everything I have going on in my life. I mean it could be way worse. And it was such a beautiful weekend full of fantastic memories, including a dear friend of mine who married her prince charming. I cried the whole time, even when I did not catch the bouquet. HA!

Friday night: Fall frolic with neighbors where I am hosting and making my famous white chocolate pumpkin toddy's. (Catch the recipe at the bottom of this post)

Saturday night: Backyard wedding in the woods with unlimited bar. ( white wine, red wine, IPA's ...just see for yourself)

Sunday: Oktoberfest. An Oktoberfest without the Dunkel's and the chicken dance is just plain weird. And let's be honest, you need the Dunkel's to do the chicken dance on the table with a hundred other strangers. (not showing you those pics, sorry)

Monday: The busiest day of the busiest week for me having been on holiday. So just shoot me now. (kidding, kidding) But seriously, how am I going to recover from all of this?!! Plus I just remembered we have a dinner reservation with family coming into town. They will definitely order a bottle of wine and I suppose I should drink one to be social. Not too mention we are going to Torero. Going to Torero and not getting a Pisco Sour is just not okay. OMG. Here we go again. 

This is not the norm for me but we can all admit there are just some weekends where these social affairs pile up, especially as we enter the holidays. And I do not think we should sacrifice having some drinks if we want to for that dreaded hangover. We can still have fun and hit the ground running so to speak on Monday morning. I also think it is perfectly acceptable to have a little "hangover helper" in your purse and medicine cabinet with some other little tricks and tips. Your weekend game and/or your Monday work flow is about to get so much sweeter so thank me later! #nomorehatingmondays

With ingredients like Vitamin B, Potassium, Electrolytes, Milk Thistle, Green Tea Extract, and aloe vera, you cannot go wrong. I love that it is gluten free, sugar free, and only 7 calories per serving. I also love the great limeade taste. The great 3.4 oz bottle travels conveniently in my purse too. 

  • For optimal results, one 3.4oz bottle is recommended for up to 7 drinks.
  • For maximum protection, take two 3.4oz bottles.
  • Never Too Hungover Prevention must be consumed before/while drinking to help prevent the negative effects of a hangover.

So easy to remember, right?! There is even a Never Too Hungover Boost which has natural caffeine and double-B12. The boost is great for the day after you have been drinking to further aid you in your recovery. I love the berry taste. And have found that it's a great energy boost for me, even without the alcohol. It's a fantastic mid day pick-me-up. 

I love this stuff ! There is going to be a Never Too Hungover Road Show happening in Dallas and Houston area Sam's Club locations. This is a limited time only event promoting the product because it's not actually available for purchase yet so I would definitely stop by. I mean just in time for that Mavs/ Houston game too! 

  • Dallas: October 27-30, November 3-6, November 10-13
  • Houston: October 27-30, November 3-6

Along with your Never Too Hungover products I have a few other little hangover helpers for you.

Yoga! Hanging my head in downward dog until the blood rushes towards it aids in quicker recovery. Actually any kind of exercise is great too where you can work up a sweat. The endorphins will boost your mood. And you won't feel so guilty about the empty calories you consumed. 

Drink lots of H20. And when you think you have drank enough, drink more.

Beauty sleep. Catch up on those zzzz's.

Now here is that recipe I promised you for my delicious fall white chocolate pumpkin toddy. They are so easy to prepare. Don't forget to give your guests some Never Too Hungover Prevention as a party favor at your fall frolic. How cute will that be??!


1/2 cup white chocolate buttons

2 2/3 cup whole milk

1/3 cup pumpkin puree

1 tsp Bourbon vanilla

pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger

1 to 2 ounces whiskey depending on your taste preference

Warm the milk in a sauce pan. Once the milk is warm add the white chocolate buttons and pumpkin. Whisk until the chocolate is melted and pumpkin is fully incorporated. Next add spices, vanilla, and then add your whiskey.

PERFECTION!!! Now come on cold weather!! What do you guys do to help your hangovers?!

Au Revoir hangovers!