The Mercantile is here! It's finally here. Well, in Pawhuska, Oklahoma anyway. It's such a short drive from TUL and Bartlesville though. My sweetie was born in Pawhuska. In fact, we saw Chuck Drummond today when we took a little day trip to visit Ree Drummond's new Mercantile. (And for those of you who are not familiar with The Pioneer Woman..The Pioneer Woman is Ree Drummond, creator of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ blog  and host of her own TV show.) Chuck knew Lin's family quite well and he even asked Lin to deliver some kind words to his aunt. He is such a charmer. He said that when you are his age you never turn down pictures with women!

Thanks so much Chuck. Now if you could get Ree to respond to my message I sent days ago asking her for an interview, we would really have some BFF status. He told us that he hoped we brought our hearty appetites and suggested the chicken fried steak. Actually all the employees suggested the chicken fried steak and you know I am a sucker for a good recommendation. You can dine here, enjoy craft coffee, shop in the General Store....make a day of it really!

The Merc is beautiful. The century-old building reminds me of The Honeymoon in Houston from the outside which I adore. I love that it's two story and that the bakery (everything is made from scratch) sits on the 2nd floor. Sipping lattes, eating some delicious croissants and cookies, all while watching the rain or snow fall from those beautiful oversized windows is where I can imagine myself lots this winter. It's incredibly spacious and there are so many cozy places to find a seat and get lost. I love the views of the iconic Triangle building owned by Bob Jack and John Snyder who also own Tulsa's Mayo and Aloft hotels. I really hope they are doing a funky boutique hotel there. I am claiming that floral sofa now as Sam's spot and I am going to take the corner nook too. You can find all the candy up there too. There was every flavor of jellybean imaginable, tons of salt water taffy options, and other fabulous items for that sweet tooth. I can get everything I need here for Zoe's Christmas stocking. 

Ree's second baby Paige is a barista at The Merc and it's her first job away from the work she does on the ranch. So give her some love. And PS..there are three different coffee sleeves you can chose from for your to-go coffee. I love these small details you guys! And the coffee cups for your coffee there are adorable. I pay attention to things like this. So Ree, you just get me!

On the lower level lives the General Store. Here you will find everything your heart desires and OMFG...there is seriously something for everyone on your holiday checklist. There is amazing jewelry, fabulous tunic dresses, boho tops, the list goes on! There are things for the kids, the sweet pups, and all your best girlfriends. And of course you will find Ree's recipe books as well as others like The Smitten Kitchen and you can stock up on all your kitchen supplies including those skillets for Ree's famous cinnamon rolls and other recipes. Ree curated the best selection of goods and I love that The store has that classic general store look to it. The gift wrapping station adds such a nice touch and I love some floral prints.

Also on the lower level lives the restaurant and the to-go deli counter and the coffee bar. (in love with that yellow coffee machine ) We waited an hour to get a table so I would plan for that. The line never died down. There were so many people who traveled a long way to experience The Merc and my guess is more and more will do the same. On the menu you will find all of your comfort food favorites ( I love her recipes. Three of them are always on my Thanksgiving table) but there are salads too and veggies. The three of us tasted the chicken fried steak which is made with a real rib eye folks, mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, Caesar salad with spicy dressing, french onion soup, and the tres leches cake. Of course I love the mix and match china! The meal was good and I think in time it will just keep getting better! Dying to try breakfast. The pancakes look heavenly!

Lin shared stories of his hometown including the large wall advertisement for National Biscuit Co. that decorates the coffee counter. I love that they kept a lot of the original charming features of the old building. #historyworthpreserving

I cannot wait to see what you guys think of all of it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! And PS..have someone save your spot in line and grab some coffee to go while you wait for your table. You want the coffee loves. My friends Margarita and Chip from Topeca coffee worked with Ree to create her favorite blend and drinks. Margarita highly suggests the signature iced coffee drink!! I love Topeca so much. Chip and Margarita have done so much for the Oklahoma community. So many congrats Ree! And Pawhuska. So excited for my fox's little hometown!!!