Saint Amon

This new (and okay, delicious) bakery just opened in South Tulsa and I couldn’t resist going yesterday. You all know I have a crazy sweet tooth and an obsession with France sooooooo.......yeah! AND I am just not wowed by bakeries here in my current hometown. I can't find a great croissant and macaron for the life of me and those are two of my fave things in existence. When you have been to Tartine Bakery in San Francisco and Dominique Ansel and Magnolia Bakery in New York City, you begin to have really high expectations of ALL of your sweet treats. I recently even put Weights and Measures in Houston up there with my favorite pastries in the world. And I have NOT even been to a Paris bakery but dream of sipping tea and eating all the macarons at  Ladurée dressed like Marie Antoinette. I plan on making this dream a reality next year as France will only be a quick train ride from my new home in Spain. Maybe I can even convince the fox to let us spend a whole winter in Paris since it doesn't get that cold in Barcelona and you all know how I feel about that. Le Sigh!

So now we must talk about Saint Amon Baking Co. (see what pastries do my brain) This husband wife team are BOTH pastry chefs. Can you imagine the birthday cakes in this house?! I wonder if they are adopting adults or like could they just both please be my BFF right now and invite me over for my very own Ladurée experience?? 

Jean Baptiste Saint Amon trained in France and was so tired of the competition there with so many bakeries all along the Parisian streets. He dreamed of owning his own business here and finally was able to make the dream a reality. He looked for spaces in Downtown Tulsa but explained so many of them needed so much work and resources. They put everything in their savings and business loan into this and were so happy that they found the shopping center where they opened because it was new and had EVERYTHING they needed. And seriously mid-towners--it was a quick 20 minute trek out there and so worth it!

You will find authentic, delicious French baguettes, croissants, apple turnovers, eclairs, and macarons just to name a few. The eclairs that we find here are nothing like the the ones in France. So ask him for an Eclair au Chocolat. You will also find American classics too. You will also be able to indulge in a delightful Croque Monsiuer and other various sandwiches. 

This bakery is designed for carry out but does have a few tables. JB and Sarah will also take your cake orders for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions and you name it..they will bake it. 

P.S. Best CRONUT of my life....

And the macarons are AMAZING! (Just ask Henry)

(Saint Amon is located at 6333 E 120th Ct. Suite F) 

Tell JB I sent you !!